Bonus Content For Splinter Cell In March

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Subject: Bonus Content For Splinter Cell In March

Looks as if there's actually some usefullness coming from the Xbox Live package besides just playing multiplayer games with friends across the internet. Looks as if the folks at Ubi Soft are going to be releasing a new mission to Xbox Live subscribers March 14th. Word:

The new mission is a whole new experience linked to the original storyline featuring the same stunning graphics and challenging exercises from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell-one of the highest rated games for Xbox with an average rating of 94.4 (out of a possible 100) based on a sample of 54 reviews. In this new level, with his famous gadgets at hand, Sam can call upon his best moves-from the split jump to the stealthy roll-to achieve his four objectives. The new level promises to be action-packed to give a new challenge to the players who completed the game.
Now if only they'd hurry up with Raven Shield, gah!
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