Follow-up for Splinter Cell Patch

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Subject: Follow-up for Splinter Cell Patch

Here's the official changelog:

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Full Story:
 For all cd-rom's 16X or lower (16X, 12X and 8X), you must choose the full install. Splinter Cell will not function properly with minimal install.

 We recommend closing all applications when playing the game.

 We recommend not installing the application in the Windows folder or in the root of the C: drive.

 Microsoft® DirectX® 9 included in the CD-ROM.
 DirectX Latest Runtime:

 Splinter Cell PC does not support Game pads.

 Please note that on supported 32MB video cards, you are forced to play with minimal specs (minimal resolution 640x480; minimal shadow resolution and minimal shadow details).

 We do recommend to use the latest graphic card drivers:
- For the NVidia GeForce2-3-4 owners (see above for supported cards), we recommend the 41.09 drivers.
Very important: set performance&quality settings to application.
You can get the latest NVidia drivers @
- For the ATI Radeon, recommend the Catalyst 2.5 (6218 for 2000/XP) or better.
You can get the latest ATI drivers @
- For the Matrox Parhelia owners, we recommend the drivers.
You can get the latest Matrox drivers @

 You can get the latest Hercules drivers @

 You can get the latest Creative Labs drivers @

 For more information visit our site

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