IGI2 Upgrade

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Subject: IGI2 Upgrade

Players of Codemasters' IGI 2: Covert Strike will probably want to grab the new upgrade that they've released today:

Introducing a new multiplayer jungle mission, the upgrade also enhances the games online and LAN multiplayer functionality. In the mission, IGI operatives have located a Conspiracy base deep inside a jungle. The IGI team's objectives are to turn on the base's generator, hack in to a computer to discover the purpose of the base and finally destroy one of two temple ruins the Conspiracy has been using as cover for the base. Meanwhile the Conspiracy group must defend its base.
There's also a whole slew of new fixes include in the 40MB upgrade, click on the "Read More..." link below for more info. Alternate links include:


Full Story:

  • Removed 'CD-authentication failed' messages on clients.
  • Fixed bug in weapon system causing network overload (unable to spawn, unable to change weapon).
  • Possible to specify alternative network config files when starting server. See MP-README.txt for details.
  • Fixed a spawn bug preventing players from sending new spawn requests if they were initially denied spawning.
  • Fixed problem with being thrown out from the terrain when sliding.
  • Fixed limiting of view-angle when lying down.
  • Fixed bug that left one player with no weapon when 2 players simultaneously tried to pick up a weapon.
  • Fixed Mission Complete credit, always showed server local player in listen mode.
  • Fixed so dead players don't stand up where they died if respawning while they are in the death sequence.
  • Fixed so weapons don't get stuck some times with autofire after dead.
  • Fixed so bomb don't explode many times with laggy network.
  • Fixed so players can't fire while disarming bomb.
  • Removed player-corpses' knife-slashes which killed other players.
  • Added the display of servername to score-screen
  • Enabled players who join after Obj1 is completed to disarm planted bomb.

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