Star Wars Galaxies Launch Delayed

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Subject: Star Wars Galaxies Launch Delayed

Well, come April 15th, taxes will be due to the IRS, unforunately, according to this post from Haden Blackman it looks as if Star Wars Galaxies will not be. Read it and weep:

I know that many of you have been waiting patiently for the results of our meetings last week. Well, here is our official statement, which will also be posted at and elsewhere. There are a few more comments at the very end...
Begin "official" message...

"Star Wars Galaxies is now entering the final phase of development, and everyone at LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment is pleased with the game's progress since the beta test program was initiated. We've received a good deal of constructive feedback and many positive suggestions that, if executed, will genuinely enhance gameplay for the hundreds of thousands of players who comprise the community.
To deliver the best possible massively multiplayer experience and ensure stability and breadth of content, LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment will delay the game's April 15 launch. This will enable us to invest more time into the beta program, and to solicit additional feedback from the tremendous fan base Star Wars Galaxies has already developed.

"In addition, we will not open phase three of the beta program until we feel the game is ready for a wider audience, which we anticipate will be within the next few weeks. A new release date for Star Wars Galaxies will be announced shortly after the beginning of beta three.

"We are sincerely grateful to the Star Wars Galaxies community for their tremendous support. We respectfully ask for their continued understanding and patience during these final few months leading up to the launch of what we believe will be one of the best MMOs to date."

End official statement...

That last paragraph is especially important. We *are* extremely grateful for all your support and the tremendous goodwill we've enjoyed over the past many months. I know that this news is going to be disappointing for some of you, and I can only hope that you'll continue to be patient and supportive of our efforts. For our part, we will continue to work very hard to keep the fantastic relationship we've built with the community intact. We will strive to keep you informed and update you more quickly when changes like this occur.

Thank you again, for everything you do to make this what I believe is the best MMO community to date.

Haden Blackman
LucasArts Producer
Shame they don't even give any sort of guesstimate as to how long it'll be now before we can even remotely expect it to start shipping.

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