Licensing The Unreal Engine

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Subject: Licensing The Unreal Engine

These days, many software developers find it quicker and not to mention cheaper to purchase a tried and true 3D engine rather than developing one in house. Companies like ID and Epic Games both sell their Q3 and Unreal engines, but ever wonder how much they charge for their technology?

A handful of elite game development studios, including Raleigh-based Epic Games, also sell their own game engines. Mark Rein, Epic Games' vice president, said he is headed to San Jose this week to show the Unreal Engine to game developers. The engine -- which powered the "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" game -- carries a price tag of $300,000 per game, plus 3 percent of game royalties, or $600,000 with no royalties due.
You can read more on the full story here at Definately seems like a good idea to me, developers can worry more about game content, etc. instead of getting the games' main engine up and running.
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