600,000 PS2 Online Adapters Sold

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Subject: 600,000 PS2 Online Adapters Sold

While you've heard Microsoft tooting their horn about currently having 350,000 users on their Xbox Live system, there's never been much update from Sony in reguards to their network adapters. Well, looks as if Sony has decided to announce that 600,000 people have bought one of their PS2 network adapters. Though it does beg to question:

One big question, however, is what exactly those 600,000 lucky owners of PS2 network adapters are doing with them. 200,000 odd of them are accounted for by the subscribers to Final Fantasy XI in Japan, but did 0.4 million people in North America really run out and buy the sparsely supported and under-promoted network adapters - and if so, what on earth are they doing with them?
I personally don't have one of the network adapters as of yet, I don't think I'd find it all that useful at this point. Now if they were to get Phantasy Star Online like the Xbox, then I might find myself running to the store to make the purchase.
Source: The Register (http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/54/29608.html)

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