Gaming University - Volume VI

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Subject: Gaming University - Volume VI

Continuing on with their line of articles to put you in the know, GameSpy has now posted Volume VI of their Gaming University. This time around they field some questions from readers with Kenn Hoekstra, project manager for Raven Software. Word:

Q: What if you have prior experience working on computers, programming etc., but you didn't go to any school? What if you are a certified computer technician with all those fancy certificates (A+, C++, MCSA, MCSE, Cisco) and want a change of pace? Would [any company] hire you off the street, want some kind of prior work experience programming games, or want you to specifically have a college degree? -- Joe Sayler

A: The gaming industry is somewhat unique in the job market in that very little depends on formal education. Most of the game developers I've met are self-taught and are an even mix of people who have either: a) no post high school education, b) very little post high school education, or c) a college degree in a non-related field. Developers are interested in hiring people who can get the job done and aren't particularly interested in what piece of paper you have hanging on your wall. If you're self-taught and your demo/portfolio kicks ass, more power to you!

As far as IT jobs go, companies generally look for qualified people who are also gamers and who are interested in game development. For that matter, the same goes for accountants, office staff, attorneys, and other non-developer staff positions. We want people who work at the company to be interested in games and gaming.
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