Star Wars Battlefield Mod Due Friday

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Subject: Star Wars Battlefield Mod Due Friday

If you're into Battlefield 1942 and are looking for a slightly different mod to try out, you may wanna look into Star Wars Battlefield. As the name implies, this is a total mod conversion for Battlefield 1942, bringing you into the Star Wars universe. It's definately in the early stages of development, but they're hoping to release the first alpha version (0.1), this coming Friday (03/14/2003). Included in this release will be:

Battle of Hoth

Millenium Falcon
TIE Fighter
TIE Bomber
Land Speeder
Snow Speeder

DH-17 (pistol)
E11 (blaster)
Hoth Rifle (blaster)
DL-44 (Han Solo's Blaster)

If you'd like to check out some early model designs and screenshots of things to come, check out their Showcase section. Cool stuff indeed for the Star Wars fan.

**UPDATED**Well, looks as if we're gonna have to wait a bit longer. They've just posted an update noting that they won't meet the deadline. No new timeline has been offered at this point.

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