Steam Beta Out Of Bandwidth

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Subject: Steam Beta Out Of Bandwidth

Apparently everybody and their relatives got in on the Steam Beta 2.0 today to try and download Counter-Strike v1.6 as Valve has temporarily suspended any new admission to the beta as their bandwidth has basically been maxed at this point. Word:

Steam Beta 2.0 Admission Suspended

The Counter-Strike and Team Fortress communities have maxed out the Steam 2.0 beta servers, resulting in the temporarily suspension of admission to the beta as more content servers are put online. The current Steam content servers offer over 500 megabits of bandwidth, all of which the community is consuming right now.

Anyone interested in hosting a Steam content server should email (Content server requirements can be found at
They apparently blame this outtage on the fact that "some members of the gaming press leaking copies of Steam". Yeah, as if it wouldn't have spread like wildfire anyhow by word from other hardcore gamers on the net.

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