Counter-Strike 1.6 Impressions

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Subject: Counter-Strike 1.6 Impressions

While I imagine quite a few of you are patiently waiting tomorrow's (fingers crossed) release of theCounter-Strike 1.6 patch, the folks over at HomeLAN have posted some of their impressions from the 1.6 beta that they've had the pleasure to test. Word:

For players, the biggest changes in CS 1.6 will be with items that were originally scheduled for their debuts in Condition Zero. Two new rifles will be added in the game, the FAMAS for the counter-terrorist good guys and the Galil for the bad guys terrorists. Both rifles are the cheapest that players will be able to buy in the new version of the mod which should make for some interesting team weapon layouts. By far the most interesting item is the tactical shield for the counter-terrorists. This item is almost purely for defensive as the player holding it can only use a pistol as its offensive weapon and cannot use the pistol when the shield is in full use. However, we found the shield to be very effective in stopping fire and the fact that both the player using it and players who hide behind it are heavily protected from the enemy should make Counter-Strike matches have a new dimension to them.
I can only wait to see how long it takes before some cheating bastard comes out with a hack that'll allow you to shoot while still having the shield up, heh.
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