Gateway Announces Job Cuts

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Subject: Gateway Announces Job Cuts

In case you haven't heard, the computer company that everybody seems to hate next to 'ye old Packard Bell (that'd be Gateway), is cutting 1900 folks from their
, or about 17% of their current employees.

Gateway Inc. said Monday it is eliminating 1,900 jobs, 17 percent of its work force, in the latest round of fiscal belt-tightening at the beleaguered computer maker. The company also announced plans to close 80 -- nearly a third -- of its Gateway stores by March 24 as part of a plan to save the company about $400 million a year.

Cutting its work force will allow the company to generate a positive cash flow, a key measure of a business' financial health. Roughly half the job cuts are coming from shuttering the stores. The rest are spread around Gateway's headquarters in Poway and operations and manufacturing facilities around the country.
I only mention this because Gateway Computers is a fairly large employer here in the Kansas City area wish the best of luck to any/all those affected.

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