Warcraft III : Frozen Throne Expansion Gains Another 10,000

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Subject: Warcraft III : Frozen Throne Expansion Gains Another 10,000

If you weren't lucky enough to get in the last batch of folks who were picked by Blizzard to Beta the upcoming Warcraft III : Frozen Throne expansion, fear not. Feeling generous, or perhaps they just really wanna stress test the game, Blizzard has announced they are adding another 10,000 players to join in on the fun.

Another 10,000 Testers for the Frozen Throne Beta! Blizzard is happy to announce that we will be selecting another 10,000 participants to facilitate the ongoing testing process of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. We are extremely pleased with the results and feedback that the beta test is generating and would like to allow even more players to experience the new features that The Frozen Throne has to offer.

These additional participants can expect to receive an e-mail from us confirming their participation in the next few days. Wed like to once again thank everyone who applied, and we ask that you please continue to visit www.blizzard.com/war3x for more information on the game. We look forward to seeing all the new faces on Battle.net.
You may already be a winner!

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