BF1942 : Desert Combat To Go The Way Of Shrinkwrap?

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Subject: BF1942 : Desert Combat To Go The Way Of Shrinkwrap?

I know a large portion of Battlefield 1942 players enjoy firing up a game of Desert Combat from time to time. If you've never played Desert Combat, it's basically an entire makeover mod for Battlefield 1942, updating you with modern-day warfare equipment. Well, according to a story over at CNN's Game Over, it sounds as if this currently free mod pack may go the way of store bought software instead. Word:

"Desert Combat", which was overwhelmingly voted last year's most popular mod, is a free download for now, though that might change with future versions.

"We've been approached by multiple publishers to try and sell it," said DeLise, "so it's probably not going to be a mod for long. It'll be more of an expansion pack."
Now granted, these guys have done alot of work on this mod and I suppose they deserve some credit (or cash) for their time and effort that's been put into it. Just gonna suck not having it for free anymore =P.
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