Intel's 'Turbo DDR 400'

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Subject: Intel's 'Turbo DDR 400'

Planning on updating that aging gaming rig anytime soon? If you're planning on Intel being at the heart of the machine, you may hold off a bit longer as it appears Intel is planning on releasing a 'Turbo DDR 400' version of the upcoming Canterwood chipset. This chipset is loaded with a slew of new features aimed at the gamers and performance enthusiasts market.

More details have emerged about this Turbo mode. It lets system level performance be tweaked, but only operates on 800MHz system buses and using DDR (double data rate) 400. Intel is telling its customers that they can expect a performance increase on multiple system level benchmarks, with fast silicon and special manufacturing allowing lower latency paths from the system bus to the 4GB of system memory.
Isn't technology great?

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