New BF1942 Map - Coral Sea

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Subject: New BF1942 Map - Coral Sea

Electronic Arts and DICE have released a new map for Battlefield 1942, titled Coral Sea. Included with this new map is an additional file for those who wish to run a server for the new map. Word:

Coral Sea is an exciting new map set in the Pacific theater. The action is fast and furious as players test their piloting skills with a total of 24 planes available on the map. The action isn't limited to dogfighting however as each side has a carrier that they need to defend at all costs. To win, you'll need to sink the enemy carrier, and then fly through a buoy that appears amidst the wreckage of the ship. Throw in some land-based AA guns and a defensive gun or two in the mix, and you've got our latest recipe for a great Battlefield 1942 holiday treat!
I hope they continue this trend and release more maps for the masses.

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