ATI Catalyst 3.1

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Subject: ATI Catalyst 3.1

Radeon owners rejoice as ATI has released a new CATALYST driver update, bringing you to version 3.1. Updates to the new version include:

RADEON(tm)9700 - Anisotropic Filtering and OpenGL performance on the RADEON(tm) 9700 series of cards is up substantially across several applications. - A performance improvement between 20 and 40% is noticed in UT2003 Flyby.

RADEON(tm)8500 - The following section provides information on performance improvements noticed on the RADEON(tm) 8500. This includes: Anti-Aliasing scores rise 15-35% across various benchmarks.
No word on "real world" performance improvemtns, but who cares, I get to play the demo faster, whooopee! (Yes, I still prefer Nvidia, haha).

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