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Subject: XBOX on CAL

The Cyberathlete Amateur League (CAL) announced that it is launching an Xbox Liveô division in June 2003. This newest division within CAL will feature Xbox sports titles as well as action and strategy games supporting the Xbox Live platform.

Frank Nuccio, president of CAL, said; "We see the addition of an Xbox Live division as an important first step in bringing console gamers into CALís online tournament leagues. With its broadband-only approach, Xbox Live is well suited to formal online competitions. We are also excited about bringing sports games into CAL for the first time."

The Cyberathlete Amateur League is the premier online tournament league in North America. It holds four competitive seasons per year and currently has about 90,000 registered gamers. Members compete in over 25 different gaming divisions, playing games such as Half-life Counter-Strike, Battlefield 1942, Soldier of Fortune, Unreal Tournament and others. The CAL website is located at
Source: Cyberathlete Ameteur League - Thanks Brett: UT2K3 Tourney Winner :) (

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