BF 1942 : Road To Rome Golden

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Subject: BF 1942 : Road To Rome Golden

Many had speculated that the announcement for the upcoming Battlefield 1942 expansion Road To Rome would closely coincide with the release of today's previously mentioned 1.3 patch for Battlefield 1942. Shortly after the posting of the patch, they confirmed that Battlefield 1942:Road To Rome has indeed gone gold. So what all are including in this new expansion?

The Road to Rome will focus exclusively on the key, yet largely underpublicized Italian and Sicilian campaigns of WWII. Players can choose to fight on six new maps including Operation Husky (Sicily), Operation Baytown and the battles for Anzio, Salerno, Santo Croce and Monte Cassino. Each map comes with highly detailed environments such as Italian houses, Mediterranean trees and even the ruined Monte Cassino Monastery.

Controllable vehicles are the heart of the Battlefield 1942 experience and The Road to Rome will feature eight new vehicles in addition to the more than 30 in the original title. These include the German BF-110 and British Mosquito twin-engined fighter-bombers. Also debuting are Italian and new British and German tanks and anti-tank guns. The original Battlefield 1942 PC game will be required to play The Road to Rome.
Expect to see it in your favorite software stores soon.

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