Star Wars: Galaxies FAQ Update (JEDI)

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Subject: Star Wars: Galaxies FAQ Update (JEDI)

Okay, so those that are interested in SWG (me being one of them), can now take a look at the newest FAQ update for the game, which answers the questions, "How do Jedi work?" and "How are you going to keep Jedi rare?".

As Kevin O'Hara,Community Relations Manager, puts it:

Brace yourself. In today’s double FAQ you are going to get more information about Jedi than we have revealed in over a year. This information is not for the faint of heart because it gives some concrete details on why Jedi will likely be rare in our game. Our two main goals when it came to putting Jedi in the game was to maintain the spirit of the continuity of the time period and to offer a fun and challenging role for those who sought it. These tenets are in conflict with each other. Our solution was to devise a system that would allow any player the opportunity to work towards this particular goal but at the same time make it challenging enough that only those who are serious about playing the character type would succeed. Jedi are potentially more powerful than other character types and with that extra power comes extra risk.

There is still a bunch of stuff we are not telling you about Jedi and force sensitivity because we want to keep an air of mystery around them. However, we felt the following information was imperative for you to know before you decide to pursue this challenging path.
All in all, this is looking to shape up to be one killer game. For those of you who like a challenge, consider the gauntlet thrown down :).

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