Star Wars Galaxies Gets Stripped

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Subject: Star Wars Galaxies Gets Stripped

Those of you looking forward to the upcoming Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG, it appears as if you're going to be missing some of the most anticipated features when the game ships (still supposed to be sometime mid-April). Apparently in order to get the game out the door in time, they've decided to forgo the following:

As we moved forward and continually revised our schedule, it became apparent that the postponement of several significant systems would allow us to release the game sometime in mid-April. The most important of these systems were:

-Player Cities
-Player-Owned Vehicles
-Player-Generated Missions
-Dark Jedi (okay, this is really a "feature", but still…)

At that time, we also began work on our Live Team schedule, which provides a plan for implementing the postponed systems within the first seven or eight months after launch.
Nothing but quality. I can only hope with this much "reduced workload" on the coding side that they have the time to ensure the product that goes out the door will actually install and run without having to download 200 megs worth of patches before you even get a chance to play.

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