Sony Announces Blue Laser Recordable DVD

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Subject: Sony Announces Blue Laser Recordable DVD

Needing a bit more backup storage than the current 4.7GB DVD-R/DVD+R can give you? Then break our your bank account because Sony has a brand new toy for you. For a mere $3,800, you'll soon be able to pick up Sony's new blue laser equipped DVD recorder, providing you with 26GB of backup lovin' per disc (which'll run 'ya about $30 each), or about two hours of high-definition broadcast.

The recorder, which includes a built-in broadcast satellite tuner, will hit store shelves in Japan on April 10. No date has been set yet for an overseas roll-out, she said.

The machine will give Sony, the world's largest consumer electronics maker, a head start over its partners in the Blu-ray consortium, a nine-member group of industry heavyweights that unveiled a common format for blue laser DVDs a year ago.

Blue light, with a shorter wavelength than red, can read and store data at much higher densities needed for high-definition recordings.
I think I'll hold out for a model that'll support 100GB+, haha.

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