Mechwarrior Goes Hollywood?

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Subject: Mechwarrior Goes Hollywood?

Interesting little story over at PC.IGN. Apparently filmmaker Dean Devlin (he was the producer of Godzilla (1998) and Eight Legged Freaks) is looking to make a Mechwarrior movie based off of the popular gaming franchise.

He says he plans to make the film look like a $150 million movie with an actual budget of less than $100 million. By contrast, Devlin's Eight Legged Freaks cost just $30 million to make. "The type of CG we'd use for this movie, in which warriors battle in giant mechanized suits of armor, would be much easier to create than spiders," he says.
So what exactly does a $150million dollar movie look like, and how the heck are we suppose to compare it to a $100million budget? Are fans gonna walk out saying "That really didn't look like a $150million dollar movie, $110million maaaaybe"?
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