09-27 MwGL Private Event Was Perfect

Posters Name: Squirre1
Posters Email: Squirre1@mwgl.org
Subject: 09-27 MwGL Private Event Was Perfect

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that showed up for this past Private LAN.. Everything went perfect and we got to play some great games... We played RavenShield, Nascar Thunder 2004, BF1942, Madden 2004 and Halo just to name a few..

The network was flawless and we had no power issues. Special thanks goes to Patrick Darling, a former and now returning founder of the MwGL, for giving up his basement for this event.

Other thanks go out as well to those who helped get the basement ready and just preperation leading up to the event, you know who you are.

Hope to see you all at the next one.

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