So Happy Together

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Subject: So Happy Together

This post is mainly aimed at the members ...

Is it just me, or has everyone else noticed how happy we have all been getting to play games again?

I know it sucks for a lot of people that UniversalLAN became unavailable, and therefore MwGL large-scale hosted LANs are currently not in the works, but it sure doesn't suck for us.

I had the best time coming down and playing at Mizzouri's a couple of weeks ago. And, everyone I talked to has commented how much fun they had at that one and the one before. Isn't playing games fun? I haven't heard one negative comment from anyone who has gone to these mini-LANs about the food, the prizes, the tournaments, or how much it cost to get in. You know why, cause none of that crap came up.

I am glad to see that we can still get together this way and have fun, and in my opinion, I could care less if we ever hosted another whine-fest mega-LAN again.

Thank you to Mizzouri for hosting these get-togethers, and reminding all of us how much fun gaming can be.

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