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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
- Submited Friday, September 17th, 2004 at 11:08 PM By WaRMaN    
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The demo of this WW2 first person shooter drops you in the middle of what can only be described as pure bedlam. It shows off some new features to help out, but you still better bring your "A" game to the keyboard! Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, developed by Electronic Arts, brings a great story line, new features, new graphics and new game play.
As soon as this demo starts you are thrust into heart-pounding action as you complete objectives in the Battle for Tarawa. As Marine Tommy Conlin, you make your way through the bedlam as Japanese soldiers come at you in a seemingly endless pace. You have a new feature at your hands called "combat squad control" which allows you to experience a more disciplined military simulation. If this is not your cup of tea, don't worry. The squad will do what you do by default. So if you charge into battle with your gun blazin', so will your squad (I guess that makes you an idol). They will also keep great communication with you by telling you to watch out or take cover. You will also catch them telling you or other squad members "nice shot."

Some realistic features that jumped out at me were the Japanese soldiers (AI). They will attack in groups, and each group has one soldier with a slightly different uniform while firing a handgun instead of a machine gun or rifle. This is standard practice for a (you guessed it) military officer, and if you kill him watch out for the wrath of the remaining soldiers. I was also amazed when I had to dodge airplane parts after shooting them down. Out of the sky will fly spinning propellers, wings and tails! At first I thought it was game play mixed with cinematics, but to my amazement it was an unscripted part of the game!

The primary object of this game is to obviously stay alive. New game features add a twist to this once "one track" style of play. You carry bandages with you to stop minor wounds from bleeding, and you can call for a medic from your squad. This sounds too easy right? Well, don't think you are in the clear just because you called a medic. The Japanese soldiers will still attack and could possibly kill you and your medic. Japanese soldiers will shoot, attack with the butt of their gun, or even go for a knife kill.

The graphics of this game come in a different package. Although the models seem to carry the same outline, the skins are revamped to semi-realistic. Facial features are more prominent and you can actually see bones in the hands. There are more models such as terrain and other objects that are tweaked very well and are for the most part interactive. Barrels can be shot which leads to them exploding, and maybe taking out the enemy. One tip for you: if your team is yelling "incoming," stay away from vehicles. That tidbit will keep you alive a little longer. After you install the demo it will take you to a screen to setup your graphics before you start the game. This is a great option to insure your game play will suit your computer. The requirements of the demo ask for a 2GHz processor, but states that the final version will be optimized for a 1.5Ghz processor.

To conclude, you need to download this demo and see the excitement for yourself. The final version will come equipped with multiplayer to include eight maps and three game types (free-for-all, team deathmatch, and introducing intruder). The game type intruder places you as a Marine or Japanese soldier with progressive objectives to be met. It will also be class based game style allowing you to pick your role on the team.



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