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EverGlide MousePad


EverGlide MousePad(Cont.)
- Submited Wednesday, June 19th, 2002 at 12:39 PM By Curve    
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Later that day, my EverGlide Black Concave for 9.95, was shipped. 4 days later under standard ground shipping, I had my package (Pretty damned impressive :)).

It was here. It came in a nice little bubble wrapped package. I must say, I love getting bubble wrapped packages! I opened it up and there it was in all it's glory. The EverGlide Black Concave for 9.95 and it's companion, wrist rest.

This particular EverGlide mousepad is black, with the logo on the bottom left. It has rubber feet on the bottom that make it so it does not move around in intense FPS gameplay. Little note here, my FPS gameplay is VERY instense :). It has a smoothed over (slightly textured) top that allows my Logitech Optical to glide across it easily with no drags (hence the name EverGlide. These are the jokes folks). It's not made of flimsy rubber, it is hard and won't bend at all. With this hard surface it will make any accidental spills to be easily wiped off (eat that brother!) and any other clean ups done easily. The lack of flimsy material will help in the fight against 'mouse dragging'.

So you may be asking yourself, "I wonder if Curve had any problem adjusting to the new mousepad. He has such exceptional skill, I just hope nothing happened to it." First off fear not, I r0x0r too much to have anything bad happen to my skill and secondly, it felt like I had to make little to none readjustment! I was pretty amazed myself. Now, I can't speak for all of you, but the EverGlide Black Concave resembled my old mouse pad setup. I had my old mousepad turned sideways under my blue beautiful mouse. The EverGlide Black Concave has the exact look of that. That's why I used my superior intellect and figured the EverGlide Black Concave for 9.95 was the one for me.

Down marks to this EverGlide Black Concave for 9.95? So far, only 1. When moving your mouse to the edges it seems to have a 'stuck' feeling. This is caused most definatly by the bottom of the mouse reaching the edges which slope downward, however this feeling can be avoided very easily because you do not need to use all of the mousepad.

The wrist rest was also very impressive. The pad fits into the concave of the EverGlide for easy positioning and maximum comfort. The bottom of this wrist rest is made of a rubbery bottom that makes sliding of the wrist rest difficult so you won't have to re-adjust a lot. What does that mean? Super keen!

Customer service - 10
Price - 9
Quality - 10
Ease of use - 10
Cool factor - 10

Friendly people and quality products is what make EverGlide a 10 in my book, even if their webpage does need a little work ;). I recommend this product to all you flimsy mouse pad people.

This is Curve and the EverGlide Black Concave for 9.95, saying bye bye for now!

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