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  Friday, Aug 8, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
Baby Announcement
- Posted 4:37 PM By Krogue
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This is just some news for those of you who had a chance to meet the Iowa City guys when they came to the LAN events, or at my wedding. Joe Kimura (aka Joda), the only other Asian descended guy in the first row besides Kevin, and one of my groomsmen, is a new poppa. He and his wife Lori (one of my co-workers) had a baby boy on Wednesday night. As of right now, they have not picked a name (they were guessing a girl), so the baby is actually being called "Joda".

Just thought I'd pass on this happy news. I have already gotten him the "Baby Bjorn" carrier, so he can play games while watching the baby. Bad news is, now he is missing the little mini-LAN we got going on tonight.
  Monday, Aug 11, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
September 6th LAN Registration is Open
- Posted 4:11 PM By Krogue
EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    2 Comments | Add 
WOO-HOO!!! As you can see above, the registration for the September 6th LAN is open. This event is a classic L.I.T.E. event, which means free-form fragging all weekend long. Bring any game you want and start up a tournament, or some heavy multiplay team action. We will advertise servers for you throughout the weekend, and occasionally start up some server action of our own.

Plan on playing some R6:Raven Shield, some CS (cause no matter how hard we try to keep it from happening, it still happens), some Battlefield 1942, and any number of other games you can think of ... Hell, I still have Starcraft and Total Annihilation installed on my machine if you want to play some old school games.

And, to top things off, I am planning on making the trip down for the weekend. So, what more can you ask for ... a weekend of fragalicious goodness and the chance to catch a rare appearance by me.

Invite a friend, invite an enemy, hell invite your parents if they have skills. JUST BE THERE.

Hope to see everyone there.

  Saturday, Aug 16, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
Design A New MWGL Header Contest Opens
- Posted 11:39 PM By Krogue
EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    3 Comments | Add 
Speaker mentioned in the forums, that the header on the top of the MWGL website looks dated ... what with the Quake 2/Age of Empires/Rainbow Six grapihics and pics. He also mentioned that one thing he likes about the site, and our group, is the little personal touches that get put in the news and such. Well, how is this for personal touches.
I (Krogue ... Lord of All That is Good) am personally offering a $30.00 cash prize to whoever designs a new awesome header for the MWGL website.
All Designs must be submitted to both squirre1@mwgl.org and krogue@mwgl.org, no later than September 30, 2003. They should run along the lines of what we have now (but feel free to be creative and offer other suggestions as well ... just know that I really like the one we have). The winning design will be picked by a majority vote of all the MWGL members, sometime in October. And, the winner will be notified by October 31, 2003. If your design is picked, I will send you $30.00. If, furthermore, your design is actually used as the new header, I (once again, Krogue ... Lord of All Things Mighty and Grand) will front the LAN entrance fees for you to attend any MWGL LAN event of your choice. At the said event, your praises will be sung from the highest rafters, and accolades will be chanted of your greatness.

So, rev your engines and get to designing.

Oh, yeah, current MWGL members are not allowed to compete in the contest, but you can still design something new if you want.

The MwGL will be matching Krogue's (He who is most mighty and magnificent) award of 30 dollars.

Please try to stay with the red/yellow/gray/black/green scheme that we currently use and design it for a 800x600 output. We would also like to stay the Arial, faux bold, faux italic for the font....

Good Luck....
  Tuesday, Aug 19, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
What's the Freakin Deal?????
- Posted 11:08 AM By Krogue
EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    18 Comments | Add 

I am just trying to figure out what has happened to the entire gaming population of Kansas City. For Pete's sake, I am planning on driving all the way from Iowa City, IA to play with everybody, but so far there is hardly anybody to play with.

I can't believe everybody found a better way to spend a frag-filled Saturday and Sunday for only $15.00. I mean, come on, that is less than $.52 per hour of gaming. At the LAN gaming facilities, they charge like $3.00 - $5.00 per hour, so even if you come for like 5 hours and leave, you still get your regular money's worth.

I know school is starting up, but that is even more reason to play. So, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND REGISTER NOW. It would really suck if I can't justify taking the time off of work, for the trip down to play, because only 20-30 people sign up. So, give me a reason to make the trip, and sign up right away.


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