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  Tuesday, Jul 1, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
Starwars Galaxies Rocks Huge Ass !!!!
- Posted 2:59 PM By Krogue
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Okay, for those of you who are playing, you probably already know this. But, if you haven't gotten this game, the above statement should give you the immediate impulse to go out and get it.

If you are an EQ junkie, get over it and get this new drug. For @#$@#'s sake, you can play EQ style RPGs any time you want without having to pay a monthly fee (NWN, Dungeon Siege, Diablo, D2, Morrowind, etc....). But, the only game out there that lets you play in the George Lucas inspired universe of Starwars is SWG:Galaxies.

Many of the MwGL guys can be found playing on the Gorath server, and you can also find some of us on the Corbantis server.

I am currently on Corbantis, on the Planet of Talus, in the city of Nashal. I am a Scout in training, and if you are on the planet and in need of training, /tell me. My name is K'alret. I have all the 1st level scout levels I can teach, and I also have Trapping 2 and Survival 2. Also, I have Intermediate and Advanced Rifle skills I can teach, and also the first level of group tactics. I am willing to teach any of these for free (although tipping is always appreciated).

Seriously, what are you doing reading this? Go buy the game and meet the rest of us in the Universe that is Starwars Galaxies: An Empire Divided.

P.S. if you want to look at some cool screen shots, or learn more about the game, check out a couple of unofficial SWG:Galaxies sites (both of which are better than the official site):SWGalaxies.net and SWG:Allakhazam
  Monday, Jul 7, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
Registration Woes
- Posted 10:47 PM By Squirre1
EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
I would like to personally apologize for the issues with registration for this event.. I have switched to a different process internally at a time when I have not been able to monitor the site regularly. Those issues should now be resolved.. Once again, I apologize for any trouble that this has caused.. Please notify your friends of the upcoming event...

Thank You,

  Friday, Jul 11, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
A Quick Note from the MwGL Staff
- Posted 9:10 AM By Krogue
EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    2 Comments | Add 
We just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know we are still here. This summer has been an incredibly busy time for us, and we have not been able to update the Boards and the News as regularly as before. We have a few of our members that are moving this summer (some of them far away from us), I myself am getting married in a week, a couple of members looking for new job opportunities in the computer industry, and at least one I know is working on his Masters full time while raising a brand new baby.

So, please don't think we have disappeared. As you can see, we are still having a Full MwGL LAN Event on July 26th. We will have the usual prodigous amount of food, prizes, and gaming induced mayhem. We thank all of you who have supported the MwGL team and this site, and look forward to playing with you on the 26th.
  Friday, Jul 25, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
Gearing up for Tonight !!!!
- Posted 1:57 PM By Krogue
EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
Well, tonight is the night. This month's MwGL B.I.G. (Bad-ass Intense Gaming) LAN is set to start tonight at UniversalLAN. Get your gear together, pack up the car and head over. As many of you have commented, there are less than the usual amount of people pre-registered for this event. What this means is that, if you are registered or are planning on coming, BRING A FRIEND!!! There should definitely be enough open slots, so that anyone that wants to come and play, will be able to find an available seat. The only way we can continue to host and sponsor these types of LAN gatherings is if the participants continue to support us by attending.

As noted above on this page, the MwGL-sponsored tournaments for this event are team Rainbow Six: Raven Shield, and 1 on 1 UT2003. Many people have asked, "Where is CS and Q3?". Well, the answer is ... they will be back around in the near future. As Burn Pilot (our Forum God and all-around Tournament Director King) has mentioned in the forums, we are trying to mix up the official tournaments at events. We hope that by doing this, we give everybody a chance to compete ... Not just in the usual big-guns events like CS and Q3, where the hard-core gamers always take the big prize, but also in other wider played games, that give the casual gamer a chance to play, compete, and maybe even win.

However, I should take this moment to remind all the CS and Q3 players that there is nothing stopping any group or individual from hosting their own little tournament of champions at the event. In fact, if you ask very nicely, and butter them up a little, our tournament administrators will often set up some games on our servers (during our tournament downtimes) for you, and even occasionally show them on the bigscreen for your watching enjoyment.

We really do try and put on a tournament for all gamers, and we hope that you, and all of your friends, will come and hang out with us for the weekend. And remember, if you have comments or questions (not flaming and bitching) about the event or about our group, please utilize the forums on our page. We always appreciate constructive feedback, and many of the changes we do implement, often come from attendee feedback on the forums.

Thank you ... The Mid-West Gaming League Staff
  Monday, Jul 28, 2003 Report News | Archive | Top  
Hope Everyone Had A Good Time !!!!
- Posted 8:14 PM By Krogue
EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
Well, the weekend is over. We hope everyone had a good time at the LAN this last weekend. We know there were some issues with temperature and with internet connectivity, but we hope you all enjoyed yourselves nonetheless. If you have thoughts on the LAN, either kudos or ideas for improvement, please post us a note in the forums. Schmo Killer started a thread about the event, and feel free to give your 2 cents worth.

Our next event is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of September 6th. It will be a L.I.T.E. (Lighter, but still Intense Tag 'n frag Enjoyment) Event. This means there won't be any big-money tournaments, and instead will be more laid back, attendee directed action. We will start up games and tournaments for whoever wants to start some s**t. We look forward to everyone and their friends coming and hanging out with us for the weekend. Hopefully, the human megaphone (your's truly) will be able to come down for this next event, and maybe even bring a contingent of Iowa gamers down to join in. Look for registration to open up a couple of weeks before the event (If I am wrong about this, look for Squirre1 to edit this post soon).

Until then, come join us in StarWars Galaxies (check out the forums for server and planet), or start up a thread in one of our gaming forums for some match play.

Once again, thanks to everyone for coming, and hope to see everybody again in September.


The MwGL Staff


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