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  Friday, Jun 1, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
- Posted 11:10 AM By Kagato
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The folks over at Adrenaline Vault have posted a short blurb on a newly announced game called Stung! produced by Prey Digital Studios. The game looks to be quite interesting, you play the role of a bug, fighting your way in a micro-sized world. They've got plans for multiplayer options including Capture the Flea and Protect the Queen. There's even a few screenshots included which look pretty impressive, even if they are pics of giant bugs!
  Monday, Jun 4, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
Neverwinter Nights Preview
- Posted 11:06 AM By Kagato
EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
The folks over at Computer Games Online have posted a huge new preview of Neverwinter Nights, the hopefully soon-to-be-released 3D RPG game from Bioware. *Note* This preview is so massive they had to split it into two parts! If your interested in level making and building, read Part One. If you wanna see that newly created level in action, read Part Two. Both parts feature some quotes from several Bioware folks. Here's a short snip:
You can select different scripts for each monster or NPC to cover a variety of different situations. "Heartbeat" is the default behavior—what the monster does every AI update; "Notice" is what the creature does when it notices another creature; "Damaged" is what the creature does when it takes damage, and so on. As an example of how versatile the scripted behaviors can be, the programmers created a script that can make a group of monsters play tag. They run around their area, trying to stay away from whichever monster is "it." There is even a "don't tag the butcher" rule, which keeps a tagged monster from simply turning around and returning the favor.
I'm simply foaming at the mouth to get my hands on this baby, looks as if it may be something to break my EverQuest (read EverCrack) habits.
Source: Computer Games Online
B&W Patch - It keeps going and going and...
- Posted 4:11 PM By Kagato
EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
For those anxiously awaiting the ever-held-back patch for Black & White, there's been a new post at BWGame.com (official B&W homepage) in reguard to how it's coming along :
The Black & White patch v1 has been submitted to EA for their testing and approval.

EA have indicated to us that it will take a few weeks to test and sign off the patch ready for public release.

We intend on releasing a developer patch in the mean time.

We've just held a meeting to discuss the logistical details that need to be sorted out and will give you more information tomorrow.

We hope to have this developer patch available to download within the week
Hopefully this time next week there won't be a new post reguarding it being delayed again.
Worms: World Party
- Posted 11:22 PM By WaRMaN
EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
The worms are back with yet another great game. Worms: World Party is now available, and is packed with some great new features.
  • PC Wormpot: Slot machine style which randomly selects game mode
  • Mission Editor
  • Numerous types of gameplay
  • 20 new multiplayer missions
  • Co-op missions
  • Enhanced graphics
  • much more
  • This title is also available on the SEGA Dreamcast. Click here for more info on Worms: World Party.
      Tuesday, Jun 5, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Dreamcast-PS2 Deal
    - Posted 11:45 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    There's a Reuters story posted on Yahoo reporting a deal has been finalized between Sega and Sony that will allow owners of the now defunct Dreamcast console to connect online with people who have Sony's upcoming network adapter for the Playstation2. Sega also is planning on releasing new titles for the Dreamcast and PS2 later this year that will allow people to play their games online with each other.
    Continuing Planetside News
    - Posted 11:51 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Computer Games Online has a new preview of Verant's upcoming massively multiplayer game Planetside. There's some included quotes from Kevin McCann, the games designer. Here's a snip:
    So far it sounds a lot like Tribes sans jetpacks. But there are more differences than similarities. Most significant is Planetside's persistent game world, which gives the world and its players a life beyond a single match. The world consists of three empires battling over several islands. Designer Kevin McCann says it's almost "Risk based" in the sense that at its highest level, it's about conquering and holding specific territories. Each player's role is as a soldier for one of the empires. The choice of empire determines what sort of equipment, character progression, and mission types are available to the player.
    This could prove to be a sweet game, hundreds and hundreds of people running around the map the size of Montana looking for a frag.
    Source: Computer Games Online
      Thursday, Jun 7, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Enclave Interview
    - Posted 11:56 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    John "JCal" Callaham from Voodoo Extreme has posted an interview with Conspiracy Entertainment's Dan Jevons reguarding their upcoming fantasy action game Enclave. This little gem is being developed by Starbreeze Studios and is due out in 2002 for the Xbox and later on for the PC (Boooh!). For those of you who enjoy AvP Gold, here's a cool little snip:
    Voodoo Extreme - Finally, is there anything else about Enclave that you would like to tell us about?

    Dan Jevons - Hmmm, let me see. Well our collision detection is per pixel, so you could shoot an arrow through the slot in an enemies visor and hit him in the eye. Do it with a powerful enough arrow and it will take his head clean off and pin it to a wall behind him. That’s got to count for something, right?
    Looks to be an intersting game, graphics are definately killer.
    Source: Voodoo Extreme
      Saturday, Jun 9, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Piracy FADEing
    - Posted 7:16 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Here's an interesting article brought to you by PC Zone describing plans by Codemasters to roll out a new anti-piracy meansure called FADE for the release of Operation Flashpoint. The report quotes Codemasters as saying
    Anyone attempting to play an illegal copy of Operation Flashpoint will begin with a game that looks and plays just like the real thing...However, over a period of time, the game gradually self-modifies and degrades elements of play to a point where the game is no longer playable.
    I suppose this is good and all (I've always supported the developers of games I enjoy) but I can't but help think there will be issues (go to save your game and POOF!). Time will tell..
    Anarchy Online Beta4 - Wide Open
    - Posted 8:02 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Funcom has updated their site with the news that they have mailed out CD registration keys for all the over 100,000 people that applied for the Anarchy Online beta. If you signed up you can expect to receive one within 24 hours, and information and download links are available here.
    Preview - Counter-Strike : Condition Zero
    - Posted 8:11 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    PC Zone has posted a preview of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, the upcoming single player retail Counter-Strike product from Valve. The preview contains a wealth of new information about the game. There will be 16 levels for both the terrorist and counter-terrorist teams (32 in all) and general gameplay will be similar to that of the current version of CS. There is also talk that there will be a multiplayer component, although it's unclear whether or not this will replace or enhance the current Counter-Strike. There are also some new screenshots and character renders, which represent the first real glimpse at the game in action.
    Source: PC Zone
      Sunday, Jun 10, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Classic Quake for Half-Life?
    - Posted 5:52 PM By WaRMaN
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    OMG! Valve has released a MOD for all of us old-timers. It's called Half-Life Deathmatch Classic. This new MOD has the feel of Half-Life with your favorite maps of Classic Quake! Valve released this MOD to honor Quake and ID for the contributions they've made to the action genre, and on-line gaming as a whole. If you are like me, you have downloaded it before you got this far into the story! ENJOY!
    Source: Click here to Download
      Tuesday, Jun 12, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Tweakin' Counter Strike
    - Posted 7:50 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    For those of you whom play Counter-Strike on a daily basis, make sure your configs are up to snuff. PlanetHardware has updated their Counter-Strike tweak guide, included info on all the command line, console, networking, and video related tweaks you can perform to max your performance in Counter-Strike.
    Source: PlanetHardware
    Q3 Annihilation Patch
    - Posted 8:00 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    A small update for the Annihilation mod for Quake III: Arena has been released. This small patch fixes 3 "issues" (though what "issues" are fixed is never mentioned). You can snag the installer or zip patch, as well as the full release that came out yesterday. Here's a bit of info on this mod:
    Annihilation is a Quake3 Total Conversion that changes the game from its original gothic deathmatch style gameplay to a World War 2 setting that aims for a highly team oriented strategy. Featuring a unique class and rank system makes players dependable of each other, not allowing any one man army kamikaze runners. You will find realistic weapons in Annihilation, as well as a whole set of realistic environments to battle it out in. Implementations like drivable vehicles (motorcycles in our first release), climbing, proning, gamemodes like "Destroy Target" and "Rescue Albert" all contribute to the modification's uniqueness.
    What are you waiting for, grab a copy today.
    Serious Sam Patch Info
    - Posted 8:05 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    There's new info floating around reguarding an up and coming patch for Serious Sam by way of Roman Ribaric of Croteam. What's going to be new? Check it
    Patch 1.02 for Serious Sam US version is ready. We are testing it right now and we also got our beta testers doing the same. If all goes well, it will be released later today. Patch is for US version only. Patch for European version will be released shortly after.

    Major things in this patch 1.02 are fixes for some network crashes, support for two mice and option for cooperative respawn in place. There is also a long list of additional fixes/optimizations and changes for the Serious Sam and tools. We'll list them all when we release this patch.
    Sound to be some good news, specially for those network games, watch for it later today.
      Wednesday, Jun 13, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Soldier Of Fortune Patch To Switch Servers
    - Posted 1:58 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Activision has sent out word that the long awaited patch for the original Soldier of Fortune game from Raven will be coming out soon. Here is their note on the matter:
    Last year's critically acclaimed action game, Soldier of Fortune(R), is moving to a new multiplayer home. Activision and Raven Software will soon release a patch that will switch multiplayer to GameSpy. The switch coincides with multiplayer server fixes that Raven has implemented.

    All users of Soldier of Fortune are recommended to download and install the patch. On August 10, WON.net/Flipside.com will cease hosting Soldier of Fortune multiplayer.
    The patch will be available at Activision.com, Ravensoft.com and FilePlanet.com, as well as other sites on the internet.
    Nothing majorly new from the sounds of it, just allows you to continue netplay.
      Thursday, Jun 14, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Mech. 4 Expansion Announced
    - Posted 6:43 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Microsoft has now revealed the official web page for MechWarrior 4: Black Knight, the upcoming official expansion pack to their big robot action game. Co-created with Cyberlore (best known for their strategy games like Majesty) the new expansion is scheduled for release this fall. Head on over to the official web site for info and a few screenshots from the expansion. Here's a short snippet
    MechWarrior 4: Black Knight, the highly anticipated expansion pack to the award-winning MechWarrior 4: Vengeance, takes you back into action on Kentares IV with new 'Mechs and vehicles, more ways to modify your 'Mechs, several new multiplayer modes, and a new single-player campaign where you can play a Black Legion mercenary fighting for House Steiner.
    Mech sweetness!
    MechCommander 2 Preview
    - Posted 6:51 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Mech game fan site Badkarma.net has posted a new preview of MechCommander 2 based on their experiences from playing a near-complete build of the upcoming 3D RTS game from Microsoft. The preview is fairly detailed and covers a lot of the game's features:
    Instead of fighting inside of a 'Mech as you do in Mechwarrior, you are a mercenary MechCommander involved in a brutal war known as the Chaos March (a "very nasty situation to be in"*). You command a company of 'Mechs, sometimes up to a dozen at a time. You have control of all of these 'Mechs at once-you have the power.

    To make it more entertaining for new and old players alike, the beginning of the game is more visually interesting. From the start you have the ability to move each screen from side to side to continuously work on choosing 'Mechs, pilots, and more. This part of the game is visually stimulating and (in my own humble opinion) utterly enjoyable.
    I officially announce today Mech news day!
    Source: Badkarma.Net
      Sunday, Jun 17, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Game2K1 Opens Its Doors
    - Posted 9:25 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    For those of you who are still shackled down to the use of dial-up for your gaming connection there's good news. The Game2K1 web site has started its registration process for its gamer-oriented ISP. You can sign up and try out the ISP free until June 30 (You will need a valid credit card, however, to gain access to it). For those of you who haven't heard of this operation, Game2K1 is the ISP created by New Millenium Entertainment that is using Valve Software's and Cisco's PowerPlay standard along with its own dedicated network for low latency online gaming. Want more info? The fine folks over at Voodoo Extreme have a exclusive story posted on their site with more info on this endeavor.
    Action For Quake III
    - Posted 9:35 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Team Reaction plans on bringing their cool "Action" mod to the Quake III engine. In their own words:
    From the ashes of Quake 2, a legendary modification was born. Perhaps the forefather of "realism" mods, it left us with definitive gameplay and action. Now, time has passed... but the legend is not forgotten. It rises again and makes its return to Quake 3 Arena.

    Reaction Quake 3 ("Reaction") is a direct port of the famed Action Quake 2 ("Action") modification for Quake 3. All the original weapons and gameplay features will return. The Reaction team is dedicated to matching Action's original physics and creating an authentic gaming experience. Some of Action's most popular maps are also being ported. However, the similarities end there. Utilizing Quake 3's improved graphics capabilities, the Reaction team intends to raise the level on visual aesthetics and environmental depth. The end result is a new and revitalized modification that will please the gaming veteran and rookie in you.
    Head on over and read more about it and take a look as some of the posted game pictures.
    And the Award Goes to...(Follow-up)
    - Posted 11:26 PM By WaRMaN
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The E3 awards are now judged and posted. Head on over to E3Awards.com and see if your picks were winners!
      Monday, Jun 18, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Sims Online Q&A
    - Posted 8:29 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    PC.IGN has posted an E3 interview with Maxis' founder, Will Wright, discussing a bit about the upcoming Sims Online. Here's a taste:
    IGNPC: Do players have just one house, one character?

    Will Wright: You have three characters per account and each character can have a totally separate life, a different house, things like that. One character always lives in one place, but you could have roommates, or get married, or whatever. So one character could be living in a house, another could be running a casino and so on. One character does not own multiple lots, though.
    This could prove to be one HUGE hit of a game. Now when somebody tells you to get a life, simply start a new character with the Sims!
    Source: PC.IGN
    CS Hacker Interview
    - Posted 8:37 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    3D Action Planet has posted an interview with "xqz2", the orignal creator of the wallhack/aimbot for Counter-Strike, something that a lot of people wish he had not done. However you feel about game hackers, this is something that you should read. Here's a snippet:
    3DActionPlanet: Many online gaming leagues recently suspended play or even closed up permanently due to cheating. Do you feel any guilt by knowing that you are the cause of it?

    xqz2: I haven't thought very much about it. But I don't think it's all my fault. Either they could allow cheats and everyone would have the same condition to win, or they could ask the PB team to make a special version of PB for the league that only allow the player to use the Software or Direct3D display driver. Then my cheat wouldn't work.
    Interesting read, especially since it only took several days of work to do!
    Source: 3D Action Planet
    Q3A v1.29f - Tonight!
    - Posted 8:53 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    For those die-hard Q3 & TA players - sometime around 21:30 CST, there's supposed to be a new Point Release Beta. It's jammed pack with goodness and:
    There is a new compression system built into the network code of the latest point release. Essentially, this reduces the bandwidth usage of Quake 3 and Team Arena by a ratio of 5:1 over previous versions of the game. Modem players, as well as everyone else, should experience a significant improvement in internet game play because of this.

    Within this release is an Auto Update system that can be used to at any time to check for and download updates to Quake 3 and Team Arena. When you install the point release a file will be created in your Quake III Arena directory and in the Start Menu called, “Check For Quake III Arena Updates”. Running this file will check our servers for updates and notify you if there is a newer version or inform you that your files are up to date. The auto updater will create a directory on your C: where downloaded updates will be stored. It is important that you DO NOT delete this directory. If you plan to uninstall Quake III, make sure to uninstall all of the point releases as well.
    Keeps your eyes peeled to PlanetQuake for links to the patch.
    Quake III 1.29f BETA Released
    - Posted 11:11 PM By WaRMaN
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Head on over to Quake 3 Arena and download from one of the many mirrors(25.3MB). The site included MAC and Linux versions also (rare for beta). Included in the BETA release is:
  • New pro maps
  • New network code
  • New auto-update system
  • New rail, rocket, plasma, and lightning gun effects
  • New cheating counter measures (WHAT? There is cheating in on-line games???)
  •   Tuesday, Jun 19, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Tribes 2 patch today
    - Posted 6:58 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    There's news that the Development Team for Tribes 2 will release a beta patch today, available at the Central Download Site. This patch is to address most of the remaining issues in the game and specifically fixes the ELF crash bug. Here's the word:
    This is *not* an official patch, and no support from Sierra will be provided for it. It is recommended for expert users only. This patch is still being tested in-house. We will make it available for download to interested players so we can ensure the best possible quality and compatibility when this patch becomes official.

    If you try this patch, and you are not happy with it, a "reverse patch" will also be available on the Central Download Site that will restore your game back to the current version.

    We will be setting up a "BETA Patch Feedback" forum for comments about this patch so that we can listen and respond to any issues you may find.

    Thanks, all. We want your game to run as smoothly and cleanly as possible.

    Again...this BETA patch will be available tomorrow, June 19
    And just in case you didn't catch their drift, this is a BETA release.
    Upcoming B&W Changes
    - Posted 7:03 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    There's some new information on Lionhead's official Black and White site concerning release dates for some future features to the game, which will be made available for download. Here's the what and when:
    2nd July 2001 - The Creature dancing to MP3 files
    9th July 2001 - The villagers playing football
    16th July 2001 - The villagers engaging in village banter
    23rd July 2001 - BnW Chat system - have the chat system always online without having the whole game loaded.
    And if that's not enough Black and White for you, Gamespy has posted up the second part of its B&W game guide.
      Wednesday, Jun 20, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Daiblo II Patch
    - Posted 7:27 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Blizzard has released a new patch for Diablo II, bringing their Action/RPG up to version 1.08. The patch weighs in just shy of 4MB and includes various game balances and fixes (both major and minor.) Here's a list of some of the balance changes:
    - Whirlwind now alternates between two weapons when using two-weapon style.
    - Increased Holy Shock's melee damage bonus.
    - Decreased the power of Conviction.
    - Added a casting delay for Fist of Heavens and increased its damage.
    - Increased the blocking bonus that Holy Shield gives.
    - Conviction does not affect immunities.
    Grab it today!
    Neverwinter Nights Scripting
    - Posted 7:37 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Neverwinter Nexus has posted a Q&A session with BioWare's Mark Brockington about the scripting methods they use in Neverwinter Nights. Check it:
    Q: What will the syntax and structure of NWScript be like?

    A: The syntax of NWScript, in large part, resembles C with some of the extensions/restrictions imposed by Java. We allow for variables, user-defined functions and structures. There are some key features of C/Java that are missing: these include arrays, pointers, call-by-reference semantics and classes.

    Each script, in a very similar way to a C program, starts with a "void main()" function, and can go to any user-defined functions within that script, or access any of the functions that we've exposed to the end-user.

    At last count, there are over 700 constants in the NWScript language definition file, and over 250 functions for accessing variables and actions on objects in the game world.
    Can you say sweeeeet! Talk about one customizable game - cannot wait to get my hands on this one!
    Source: Neverwinter Nexus
    Max Payne Minimums
    - Posted 7:44 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    3DRealms has posted their minimum system specs for Max Payne as well as the suggested optimal system specs. To be considered low end, you'll be needing at least a P2 450, 96MB RAM, and a 16MB video card. To be at the high end, you'll need a 1Ghz, 192MB RAM, and a 64MB video card.
      Friday, Jun 22, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Diablo 2 - Updated Notes On 1.08 Patch
    - Posted 7:19 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    According to this post over on their Realm Status forums, Blizzard has posted a bit of an update regarding some of the changes that were implemented in Diablo II in the recent v1.08 patch. Apparently, some of the changes meant for the LoD expansion made their way into the recent patch. Here's more news on the update
    Several changes that are slated to appear in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction found their way into the 1.08 patch. While some of these changes will be found in the Expansion set, we did not intend to have them affect characters in classic Diablo II.

    We are currently testing a server side fix that will reverse some of these changes. For a complete list of issues that we will be addressing, please visit http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/patch108.shtml#server

    We expect this fix to be live on our servers within the next couple days. We will post future updates here to keep you informed on our progress.

    We wanted to also take this opportunity to point out some new enhancements added in the 1.08 patch of which you may not already be aware. for information on some of these enhancements, please visit http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/patch108.shtml#improvements
    Diablo2 : Lord Of Destruction = Gold
    - Posted 7:24 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    In case you haven't heard by now, according to this press release release by Blizzard,the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion pack has gone gold. Expect to see this in your favorite local computer store around June 29th.
    3D World War II
    - Posted 10:39 PM By WaRMaN
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    With all the high dollar games being released lately, there's finally an alternative! 3D World War II promises all the good stuff for a fraction of the price. Here's what you'll see on it's 1 August release:
    · Amazing digital quality soundtrack.
    · Advanced 3D world design.
    · 3D advanced modeling.
    · Real world texturing.
    · Environmental Aspects- Fog-Rain-Snow.
    · Translucent Lighting effects.
    · Advanced model animations.
    · 3D sound enhancement.
    · Unstoppable weaponry and vehicles.
    · FPS view & 3rd person perspective.
    · Amazing script coding.
    · Multiplayable over network and Internet.
    They have opened a beta test sign-up, so head over there now and get the full scoop.
      Saturday, Jun 23, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Throne of Bhaal - Beta Patch Released
    - Posted 2:14 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    BioWare has released a BETA Patch for their recently released RPG expansion pack, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. The patch is for Windows 2000 users with Service Pack 2 installed and fixes the bug where NPCs respond with "X appears busy.'
      Sunday, Jun 24, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Preview : Soldier Of Fortune 2
    - Posted 1:41 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    To celebrate Raven Software's birthday, they're 11 years old today, Jedi Knight II Network has posted a preview of the up and coming Soldier of Fortune II. Here's a blurb:
    Graphically, Soldier of Fortune II is intensified. SOF used a modified Quake 2 engine, while the sequel uses the powerful Quake III Team Arena engine. Raven has also used id Software's ROAM technology for Quake III Team Arena to add gigantic outdoor environments. Literally miles of terrain are now fully explorable. The level of detail is incredible; in fact, the graphics are so good that individual blades of grass blow in the wind. Characters even have eyes that move realistically in their sockets. Snow, rain, and wind will effect the environment and may play apart in specific missions.
    Looks to be one impressive game, perhaps good enough to break one's own Counter-Strike habit.
    Source: Jedi Knight II Network
      Monday, Jun 25, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Half-Life Patch Update
    - Posted 11:50 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Here is some news that I grabbed that all you HL, CS, and DoD players might be interested in. Its a nice little heads up on release times for the new HL Patches:
    Two Half-Life Updates Coming Soon

    Half-Life updates and will be released in the coming weeks.

    Update, which contains Deathmatch Classic and introduces new update/downloading functionality, will be issued next week.

    Update, which contains Voice and the Multicast Spectator technologies, and was previously referred to as, will be released in mid July. This update also contains a fix for the GL wall hack, and will be previewed at this week's CPL event in Dallas.

    The Voice and Multicast Spectator features will be compatible with all Half-Life Mods, and Valve will be supporting the Mod teams to have these features working immediately in popular HL Mods such as Day of Defeat and more.
    Is it just me, or can no-one else wait for the Multicast Spectator.
    Source: Planet Half-Life
      Tuesday, Jun 26, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Throne of Bhaal : Beta Patch (Round 2)
    - Posted 3:40 PM By Kagato
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    BioWare's page has a new beta patch (v.26464) for the recently released expansion, weighing in it at about 4MB. The following fixes have been applies:
  • This fixes the NPC "X appears busy" bug associated with Win2K and WinXP
  • This fixes the problem where WinDoctor would erase the BG2: Throne of Bhaal registry entry
  • This fixes the incorrect calculation of the assassin backstab modifier when importing an assassin character from Shadows of Amn to Throne of Bhaal
  • This fixes the party-splitting bug where players would make the in-game transition from the end of Shadows of Amn directly into the start of Throne of Bhaal and have some characters left behind in Shadows of Amn
  • This fixes the multiplayer bug where Sarevok keeps repeating his first line of dialogue after the player makes the in-game transition from Shadows of Amn to Throne of Bhaal
  • Grab it today!
      Thursday, Jun 28, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    EQ : Luclin Preview
    - Posted 8:07 AM By Kagato
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    GameSpy has posted a preview of EverQuest: The Shadows of Luclin, the up-and-coming expansion for EverQuest by the fine folks at Verant. Here's a snip of what to expect:
    By using the new UMBRA rendering technique, the engine now only needs to render what it anticipates the player needs to see, so in the same Windmill, only the interior walls and characters in the area are visible, hence none of the other stuff like the hills and trees are rendered. This allows a massive performance boost for the user (Gordon referenced frame rates of up to 150 fps) to occur, which will hopefully lead to less lag when playing/fighting in large numbers. Pretty cool stuff, as those of you that attend large player raids should be able to appreciate.
    For those who have spent as many hours/days/weeks/months playing this game, this will prove to be a mighty fine expansion/addition to EverCrack.
    Source: GameSpy
    Diablo2 : LoD Patch
    - Posted 8:11 AM By Kagato
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    Blizzard has posted notice that they have released a patch for Diablo II: The Lord of Destruction. For those of you who were lucky enough to have already picked up a copy before Friday's "official" release date (some stores were selling them Monday!), head on over and patch that baby! There's too many updates to the patch to list, just head on over here to see what all has been done.
    New Hardware Tech Site
    - Posted 7:57 PM By Squirre1
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    Are you a computer enthuasist looking for all the recent and latest hardware, there opinions, and explanations? ExtremeTech is a site is for you. This is brand new from the God send company Ziff Davis. This is a news channel bringing you the lastest and goodest goodies. This web site contains know hows, how to, and anything else. Being one of the largest companies out there for computer news, I think this will be a good site for info. It seems un-biast and brings back the whole Toms Hard Ware feeling to me from when they use to get all the cool stuff.
      Friday, Jun 29, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    PC vs Console - An Interesting Read
    - Posted 1:26 PM By Kagato
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    Computer Games Online has posted an article in which they take a look at the differences between PC and console games, mainly focusing on the online communities that PC games tend to foster. Here's a clip:
    Yet even the most bigoted PC gamers—the ones who'd rather be caught planning a "sightseeing" tour of downtown Bangkok than messing around with Samba De Amigo—often fail to recognize that the biggest difference between what they love and what they hate is the online community. Where console games are almost claustrophobic in their limitations, computer titles are wholly open-ended. Pick up a copy of Shenmue for the Sega Dreamcast and you know that you'll be spending a few days flirting with doe-eyed beauties and collecting vending machine toys. Pick up a copy of The Sims and you don't know where you'll end up. Instead of just playing around with the character skins, homes, and furnishings that Will Wright tossed onto the retail CD, you could go online in search of user-designed modifications and soon be watching Fred Flintstone go number two in Homer Simpson's newly marbled bathroom. Don't believe me? Point your browser at the ridiculously comprehensive Sims Resource.
    I personally have fallen from grace with consoles, they may have the newest graphics, but they deffinately fall behind when it comes to multi-player ability (Mario Kart would RULE over TCP/IP).
    Source: Computer Games Online


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