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  Wednesday, Aug 1, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
Quake III Point Release v1.29h
- Posted 7:27 AM By Kagato
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As promised, id Software has released the new Quake III Point Release v1.29h that addresses the following issues:
- Fixed Server exploit
- Fixed Mouse wheel
- Fixed NT 4.0 Sound
- FPS Boost
- in_mouse set to -1 will provide 1.17ish sensitivity, in_mouse set to 1 will provide current sensitivity
You can grab it at FilePlanet.
Never Winter Nights & Windows XP
- Posted 7:29 AM By Kagato
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BioWare's Derek French visited the Neverwinter Nights forums to answer a question about Windows XP support for Never Winter Nights. Here's the beef:
Does anyone know if Black Isle is making strides to make sure NWN runs good under winxp ??

French: Just to clarify, it is BioWare that is developing NWN. Black Isle is our publisher. We will be testing NWN under WinXP, but we will not be deciding on supported operating systems until near the end of development. This is neither a yea or nay for WinXP, just a "we haven't decided yet". Personally, I see no reason why NWN wouldn't run just fine under WinXP. We will know more later.
Cel Damage Preview
- Posted 7:35 AM By Kagato
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GameSpy has posted a preview of Cel Damage, a cartoony vehicular combat game for the Xbox being developed by Pseudo Interactive. Here's a clip
There are 36 weapons for you to discover and use. Gargantuan axes, shrink rays, portable holes, and massive mallets will be at your disposal. Several weapons have offensive and defensive uses. The baseball bat lets you flatten your enemies and hit projectile attacks back at their senders. The freeze ray was particularly fun to use. Stopping your foes in their tracks and smashing them into hundreds of ice cubes is a particularly satisfying sensation.
Included in the preview are various screenshots from the game. It looks to be a cross between Mario Kart and Twisted Metal.
Source: GameSpy
Empire Earth - Looking For A Few Good Betas
- Posted 3:11 PM By Kagato
EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
Sierra has announced that they are looking for a few folks to participate in their Empire Earth Preview Beta Program which ends Aug. 13th @ Midnight. Should you be chosen for the 'multiplayer play balancing and load testing'-focused beta will need to download the 450MB beta installer. Here's a snip of what the game's all about:
From Prehistory to the Nano Age of the 22nd Century, Empire Earth serves up gaming on an epic scale. Empire Earth is an epic real-time strategy (RTS) game that covers 500,000 years of human history, from the discovery of fire to the laser battles of the future. Each player takes control of a fledgling civilization and strives to forge the greatest of all empires. Rick Goodman, Lead Designer of the acclaimed game Age of Empires(r), catapults the RTS genre into a bold new era.
Can't be all that bad, specially if you get to play for free. Beats walking into the store, smackin' down $50 for a game you can't play for weeks due to bugs (*cough* Tribes2 *cough*).
  Thursday, Aug 2, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
DivX 4.0 Beta3
- Posted 9:41 AM By Kagato
EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
Yet another Beta update for the ever-wonderful DivX codec. Here's what's new/fixed:
  • DivX decoder registered itself for 3.x formats even if user answered No when installing
  • Found one more bug in 3.x decoder
  • Fixed problem with quality loss when encoding at height not multiple of 16 and low resolution
  • Fixed crash when encoding on Pentium II / Celeron machines (accidentally introduced in beta 2)
  • Fixed noise problems in playing 3.x content
  • More accurate 2-pass VBR
  • Rearranged controls in encoder config dialog
  • Grab it today!.
    Microsoft Court Blues
    - Posted 4:30 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    A federal appeals court judge has denied Microsoft request for the court to re-examine parts of its ruling in the antitrust case against the company, according to a report from Reuters today. The court also shot down a request by government lawyers to expedite the case back to the lower courts. Both sides took a hit today, though Microsoft's is a good punch to the stomach. A new lower court judge will be appointed to hear the case in the not too distant future. I honestly don't see the point of splitting MS into a O/S and Office company, they already dominate both markets, how exactly does that improve competition?
    The New DOOM : Are You Up To Snuff?
    - Posted 4:37 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    John Carmack made another post to Slashdot, this time about performance we can expect with games based on the their upcoming new Doom engine. Straight from the man:
    Obviously, any game done with the new Doom engine is going to run slower than a game done with Q3 technology. You can make some of it back up by going to the simpler lighting model and running at a lower resolution, but you just won't be able to hit 60+ fps on a GF2. The low end of our supported platforms will be a GF1 / 64 bit GF2Go / Radeon, and it is expected to chug a bit there, even with everything cut down.

    There are several more Q3 engine games in the works that will continue to run great on existing systems, and Doom is still a long ways off in any case, so there will be a lot more upgrades and new systems. We are aiming to have a GF3 run Doom with all features enabled at 30 fps. We expect the high end cards at the time of release to run it at 60+ fps with improved quality. This is an intentionally lower average FPS for the hardware cross section than we targeted for Q3, but still higher than we targeted Q2 and earlier games (before hardware acceleration was prevalent).

    In the GLQuake days, light maps were considered an extravagance ("Render the entire screen TWICE? Are you MAD?"), and some unfortunate hardware companies just thought increased performance meant higher resolutions and more triangles instead of more complex pixel operations. Five passes sounds like a lot right now, but it will be just as quaint as dual texturing in the near future. I am quite looking forward to 100+ operations per interaction in future work.
    Like all things Carmack, you will need a NASA computer to run it until AMD/Intel can play catch up.
      Friday, Aug 3, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Project Entropia Beta Signup
    - Posted 7:08 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The official site for Project Entropia has posted news that they are now accepting applications to Beta Test this upcoming MMORPG. Word:
    We have now started to accept applications from players interested in being part of the beta tests of Project Entropia. We will split the beta test into a number of stages, but it's only necessary to apply once since we'll save all applications and use them when we select the participants for each stage. So, if you're not chosen for the first beta test, don't worry. You'll have more chances further down the long road of Beta tests.

    We will notify those who are selected by e-mail, so it is very important that you provide a valid e-mail address.

    We also ask you to fill out this application form as accurately as possible to help us select testers with a full range of computer systems and Internet connections.
    With such a vast array of MMORPG coming out in the near future, what better way to helpdecide which ones you'll end up playing than give 'em a spin now.
    RivaTuner v2.0 RC6 Update
    - Posted 7:14 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    For all you nVidia owners who like to tweak, RivaTuner v2.0 version RC6 has been released this morning. The latest version of this nVidia tweak utility offers a new help system, an "Enable Accelerated Graphics Port" option (for Detonator 1x.xx under Win2K),a "Restore clock frequencies after suspended mode" option and a slew of other options to help you run your video at the fastest possible speed.

    Anarchy Online Updates
    - Posted 7:31 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    A news update on the Anarchy Online website has word that the promised new account management interface is now up and available to users. They note that all the problems folks have had accessing this area have been addressed, and they would like everyone with an account to check to make sure that their details are correct. Another daily news update outlines the company's philosophy on dealing with exploits, the most recent server patch is being un-patched after being deemed a failure, and a some downtime will occur on the test servers sometime today.
    Win A GeForce3-Based Gaming System
    - Posted 4:15 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The folks over at nVidia are giving away a GeForce3-based computer system. Here's the info:
    Equipped with an MSI graphics card, featuring the NVIDIA GeForce3 GPU and its nFiniteFX Engine, this system delivers blazingly fast gameplay and true-to-life multimedia experiences. Register between August 1 and August 31, 2001 for your chance to win.
    No specifics as to process speed, etc. included with the machine, but hey, it could be FREE!
    Military Forces for Quake 3
    - Posted 6:04 PM By WaRMaN
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Military Forces is a total conversion which will open the arenas into battlefields. With the upcoming download you will fly aircraft, steer tanks, and drive vehicles and boats. There are several variants of the game to include a practice mode to get your skills up to par. Although this MOD is based on Airquake, and Airquake 2, it is bragged to be a totally different game. Click here for more info.
      Saturday, Aug 4, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Raven Programmer Mike Grummelt On Max Payne
    - Posted 6:33 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Raven Software's Jedi Knight II programmer Mike Grummelt updated his .plan with his take on Max Payne (possible payback for George Broussard's Elite Force review). Here's a snip:
    ...AI seems 100% scripted and iffy-looking (seem to have trouble navigating sometimes and shoot each other in the back, all the enemies are essentially the same, just a few different weapons, different models/skins), the texture detail on the world isn't as amazing as I expected it to be on my GeForce3... then there's little things like the fact that you can't jump straight up and shoot... you can't crouch-walk or slow-mo dive under (or over) things... can't destroy a lot of things that you'd expect to be able to destroy, levels are almost 100% linear (again, not something that bothers me), no water of any kind, no curves, no multiplayer of any kind (and no promise of a multiplayer upgrade yet) weird clipping issues when you dive (you'd think since you have to do that all the time they'd have tried to fix that), grenade physics seem a little odd... Just seems oddly lacking in features/content for 4 years of development...
    The Weekly Halo Update
    - Posted 6:36 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Battleground Halo is hosting the weekly Halo update this time around where Bungie's PR guy takes us through the development week that was. Here's what's up this round:
  • Bug-fixing, bug-fixing, bug-fixing
  • The Marines are much better about getting out of your line of fire than they used to be, thanks to Chris Butcher
  • We've got tanks working in multiplayer games now
  • Shiek and Bernie got lightning in the game
  • Eric reworked the Banshee and Pelican, tripling their poly counts and adding more detailed textures
  • Marcus is making metal look better and more realistic
  • Chris Hughes added a bunch of marine heads to the game (some of whom look familiar) and tweaked Cortana's face
  • The shotgun is finally coming into its own, and is sublimely satisfying to wield
  • Joseph is working on (his words) "a variety of infinitely cool things that our fans will love that I can say nothing about"

    Medal of Honor Preview
    - Posted 6:54 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    GameSpy has posted a preview of Medal of Honor : Allied Assault, the Quake 3 engined World War 2 era FPS from EA. Here's a snip:
    Gameplay, as expected, was exceptional. This is adrenaline-pumping stuff we're talking about here folks. If you think sniping someone with an AWP in Counter-Strike is exciting, nothing beats capping a Nazi from a distance. There's just something to be said about watching a Nazi getting his helmet shot off. In addition, the various death animations are also very well done. Although it wasn't fully incorporated in the build we played, the enemies are going to have locational based injuries. "What this means is if you hit someone in the shoulder from the front, they're going to fall back," explains Hirschmann, "shoot them in the back and they'll fall forward." It was pretty cool to see a Nazi soldier stand up straight and jiggle as he was taking repeated sub-machine gunfire from us. Call us evil yes, but these are Nazis we're talking about.
    I can see Counter-Strike getting smacked down real quick when this game comes out - pure sweetness!
    Source: GameSpy
      Sunday, Aug 5, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Half-Life MODs
    - Posted 7:12 PM By WaRMaN
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Looking for some different gameplay from your Half-Life engine? Check out these MODs:
  • Vampire Slayer
  • Uncrossable Parrallel
  • Day of Defeat
  • Hostle Intent
  • Food Fight!

      Monday, Aug 6, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    PowerStrip v3.01
    - Posted 7:25 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    A new version of PowerStrip has been released. Version 1.31 (Shareware) weighs in at around 530 KB and includes support for new chips like the Radeon SE, Kyro II, and GeForce3, as well as Windows XP. PowerStrip is a wonderful tool to overclock your videocard with as well as tweak out other settings.
    OSP Quake 3
    - Posted 7:45 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The Orange Smoothie Productions website now has version 0.99v2 of the OSP mod for Quake III Arena , which represents the final build before they head off to QuakeCon to run a tournament there. The new version offers bug fixes "o-plenty," and changes to the game modes (in particular the voting/switching features). The best thing of all, is that they are a local group of guys who attend KU - Woot!
      Tuesday, Aug 7, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Dark Age Of Camelot's PvP System
    - Posted 8:08 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Camelot Vault has some Dark Age of Camelot info bits dropped off by Mythic's PR person Sanya Thomas who chats about their cool upcoming NetImmerse engined MMORPG. Here are some PvP (that's Player vs Player):
    We've taken out a lot of the things that suck about PVP combat. In the past, the player who lost an encounter suffered far more than the victor gained. Dark Age is doing it differently - there's no actual pain when you lose a fight in our game, just a sting in the way of constitution and a nice stroll back to the battlefield (and that only if you choose to do so). The "loser" does not lose anything substantial. Therefore, for the RVR battles to be meaningful, the victor must gain something. Otherwise, you're just playing (insert your favorite FPS here).

    We're using realm points. The points are gained primarily for successfully killing another player. Higher level players are worth more points than lower. The more realm points a player has, the more points his death will be worth to his enemies. Having lots of realm points will grant certain rewards, most of which are designed to help command a battle. A guild pooling their realm points can take over an outpost, fly their own flag, and equip their own NPC guards.

    I see the concern over the unbalancing potential - a level 50 player with a lot of combat under his belt will have an edge over a 50 who never does any RVR. Guys, it really won't matter. The two players are in the same realm, they're never going to fight each other. And if the guy with no combat time feels the need to get the same rewards, he is free to do so by the same methods that his realmmate used. Opposing realm players is not a rare spawn on a weekly timer. Nothing is stopping you from grabbing some pals and going hunting.
    Don't know about you, but I'm kissing EverQuest goodbye forever when this baby comes out.
    Evil Twins Preview
    - Posted 8:14 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The folks over at GamesDomain have previewed Evil Twins, the upcoming adventure game from UbiSoft. Here's a snip:
    The only niggle so far with this beautifully constructed adventure is that the clues you're given sometimes range so wildly that you're left in a quandary as to what to do. In some areas your task is spelled out in one-syllable words; in others you're left completely alone to figure out what's going on, even in terms of what's happening in the storyline. This can lead to repeated deaths, but thanks to the fact that you respawn with the items you've gained intact, it's not as annoying as it could be. The save system is console-like in nature, but slightly different from the norm - you save by collecting camera power-ups littering the levels, and returning them to your guide. This is only introduced in the third 'mini-level' of the game, though, so prepare yourselves for a fairly lengthy first go.
    Included in the preview is, of course, some snapshots from the game, rather impressive looking, kinda Final Fantasy looking, 3D world and all.
    Source: GamesDomain
    PainKeep v2.7 Released - Quake III
    - Posted 8:19 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The guys over at Team Evolve have released a v2.7 update to PainKeep Arena, their popular mod for Quake III Arena. This latest release squashes a few bugs and makes a few map adjustments. You can pick up the update right here (a tad over 7MB).
    June 21 Event Results
    - Posted 12:50 PM By Squirre1
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Sorry that it has taken so long to get these posted. Last event ran good and we had 55+ attendees. I will be getting the pictures posted shortly. Here are the event results with links to the brackets.

    UT Bracket:
    1st: True Sign Of Death
    2nd: fuzzy
    3rd: KaiserRoll

    Q3 Bracket:
    1st: eCe|Thief
    2nd: xreal
    3rd: =M=PoRky

    CS Bracket:
    1st: Z?
    2nd: KCKrew
    3rd: ia

    Congratulations to all of the winners and for all the 1st Place people, Bawls has been contacted with your information.

      Wednesday, Aug 8, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Tribes 2 - Beta Patch
    - Posted 10:05 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Dynamix has released a new beta patch for Tribes 2, which updates/fixes the following:
  • Fixed the network "hitching" problem that was causing stutters during play.
  • Added VCR Mode controls to allow fast-forwarding, slow-motion, pausing. Also fixed the known playback crashes. There may be other issues. Please let us know if you see any issues with the playback.
  • Cameras will now add Sensor Jammer Pack users to the sensor net, thus allowing turrets to fire at those players when within a camera's detection radius. The number of cameras that can be carried at one time has been reduced. - Changed Tournament mode so that skins are always Storm vs. Inferno in order to let players more easily organize ladder and league matches.
  • Grenade icons are included so players can easily determine which grenade is being carried by looking at the HUD icon.
  • Admins in Tournament mode can now hear global observer chat, thus allowing them to more easily hear when players need to be added to a team.
  • There is now a "no parking" zone around a flag (similar to the anti-camping zone around a nexus in a Hunters game). If a vehicle is parked near a flag, it will begin to take damage while in that area.
  • Handling on the Wildcat has been slightly improved (better spring controls so it doesn't bounce quite as much).
  • VCR Playback files are now in a compressed format to make it easier to distribute them
  • Matrix Sequal Delayed
    - Posted 2:54 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Yeah, I know it's not really game related, but one has to be informed when it comes to the sequal to such an awesome movie.
    According to this post over at Sci Fi Wire, the upcoming sequel to The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, has been delayed and won't be making it for the rumored Christmas 2002 release. According to producer Joel Silver, "It's going to be summer now, summer 2003."
    Urban Terror Update & Maps Due Friday
    - Posted 3:10 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    A new version of Urban Terror for Quake III, Beta 2.3 and the awaited map pack, will be released on Friday August 10th from QuakeCon. Here's a list of the new maps, and you can hit UrbanTerror.net for a new load of screenshots. Added maps include:
    ut_alleys by BotKiller
    ut_austria by Tub
    ut_casa by SweetnutZ
    ut_riyadh by dotEXE
    ut_rommel by Bar-B-Q
    ut_pressurezone by Gerbil!
    ut_uptown by BattleCow
    ut_village by Tub [updated by Legomanser and NRGizeR]
    They also note:
    Beta 2.3 does have some code changes, but they are only minor; we removed unnecessary setting of a few cvars on every frame, and we fixed the "bad player movement angle" that some people were reporting. We understand that there are many other issues that were brough to our attention, but the main focus of this release are the map and not code fixes.
      Thursday, Aug 9, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Empire Earth : Day Two
    - Posted 7:12 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    The guys over at Voodoo Extreme have posted day two of their Empire Earth special. The guys talk with Stainless Steel Studios' Rick Goodman and Stefan Arnold about the company's upcoming history spanning real time strategy game - Empire Earth! Here's a snip:
    Voodoo Extreme -- Heroes play a vital role in Empire Earth, how did you choose those particular people, and what special powers do they have?

    Heroes have been an important part of the design right from the start of the project. It did take some time to decide on who the Heroes would be. The future Heroes are fictional, of course, but they all have a story around them. We wanted the Heroes of the past to be familiar and important figures from history.

    There are two kinds of Heroes in Empire Earth: Warrior Heroes and Strategist Heroes. Both kinds support your troops in battle, but Warriors get into the fray and provide morale for the troops around them. Strategists, on the other hand, do their best behind the lines, increasing the vitality and stamina of their troops. Strategist Heroes can also bellow a Battle Cry, which demoralizes enemies.

    Also, like most other units, Heroes can be upgraded. When you go up an Epoch you can upgrade your Heroes into new Heroes who are more appropriate and better equipped for the new time period. For example, when you go from the Dark Age to the Middle Ages, the Hero Charlemagne can be replaced with William the Conqueror.
    And for those who missed it, you can go back and read day one to start with.
    Source: Voodoo Extreme
    Etherlords Preview
    - Posted 7:20 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    ActionTrip has posted a preview of Etherlords, Nival Interactive's fantasy-flavored turn-based strategy game. Check it:
    In this game spells are the weapon you'll be using most often against the foe. You'll discover that there are three types of spells to cast: summoning, enchantments, and sorcery. Summoning happens to be rather powerful, and in Etherlords you'll discover that every race has it's own set of creatures you can summon (there are thirty kinds of monsters to be summoned, each with their own distinct abilities and characteristics)
    Of course screenshots are included so be sure to check it out.
    Source: ActionTrip
    Return To Castle Wolfenstein Update
    - Posted 7:26 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Blue's News has word that Activision sent a brief update on progress in the development of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the first-person shooter sequel in the works at Gray Matter and Nerve Software. Here's what they say:
    The developers have now reached the testing and polish stage as the game's features are complete. While Gray Matter focuses on polishing the game balance, working on the cinematics and storytelling, and finalizing technical issues like video card compatibility, Nerve Software continues to wrap up the multiplayer portion of the game. The teams have also begun extensive testing.

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein will be shown at QuakeCon this week. Attendees will be able to see for themselves just how far along the game is, and they'll even get a glimpse of the multiplayer game at the convention as well.
    Hopefully this means we'll be seeing some pics posted of this beauty from those who get to witness it at Quakecon.
    802.11x Encryption Broken
    - Posted 7:54 PM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    802.11x you say? What's that? It's the protocol used in many of the wireless access products you see in the stores today (network adapters, etc.). According to this story over at EETimes, a 20-year-old undergraduate student from Rice University cracked the protocol in a week. Here's how he did it. Yeah, that's all I need is some geek rolling through my neighborhood with a laptop trying to steal my pr0n!
      Friday, Aug 10, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Dynamix On The Chopping Block
    - Posted 6:38 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Ok, as if it wasn't bad enough that Tribes2 was so buggy when released, apparently the greedy bastards at Sierra have put Dynamix on the chopping block. Here's the scoop from one of the anonymous developers:
    It is true that the lot of us were locked out of the building today. Why this is happening nobody knows for certain, aside from those in upper management at Siera/Vivendi. The whole thing is quite a shock for most of us, aside from those few in upper management at Dynamix who could not manage the meager bit of human decency that it would have taken to give us a warning. It is like that in corporate america, these people really do not seem to have come equipped with a soul. I blame the 60-70 percent of Sierra that has nothing to do with creating anything but instead leech of the top like a bloated lamprey. Not only are they the cause of this situation, but they are the ones that stand to benefit in the short term whether they intended it or not. This liquidation is all about artificially inflating 3rd quarter profits for V/U, much like releasing before the game was ready was about inflating 2nd quarter profits.We should have become wary last week when a part of Dynamix management took their sick days after returning from a visit to Sierra.
    Read more over at Tribal War. What does this mean for future Tribes2 patches? Heaven only knows, but one thing is for sure, I WILL NOT be buying any games from Sierra or any of their subsidiaries as long as I live.
    Monopoly Tycoon Preview
    - Posted 6:51 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Games Domain has posted a in-depth preview of Monopoly Tycoon, a 3D strategy game that takes the popular board game to a whole new level. Here's a snip:
    You no longer have to shake the virtual dice to move your boot or hat off Old Kent Road. There is no more going to jail, no more passing Go and certainly no more collecting £200. MT gets rid of all the faff that hinders play on the PC and introduces more of a real-time mentality. But you'll notice the biggest difference is shown in the title: the word "Tycoon" isn't just there to look good. Far from just dealing with land, hotels and the waterworks, you've now got a multitude of businesses to fiddle around with because you're able to build anything from toy stores to shops that sell banjos. Things just got interesting...
    As is usual, screenshots are included. Don't know about you, but it looks more like Sim Monopoly or something.
    Source: Games Domain
    Lightweight Ninja Demo
    - Posted 6:57 AM By Kagato
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    Ever miss the days of great side-scroller games go by like Commander Keen or Sonic the Hedgehog? You're in luck, there's a playable demo available for Stardock Systems' Lightweight Ninja available. The demo comes in at 27 MB and contains levels 1,2 and 3 of Chapter 1. Download it right here.
      Saturday, Aug 11, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Red Faction Beta
    - Posted 1:42 PM By WaRMaN
    EMail News to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    0 Comments | Add 
    THQ Inc has released the Beta of Red Faction for download. This game, in my opinion, has been eagerly awaited to break up the same old genre we've become accustomed to. Red Faction boasts features such as:
  • Geo-Mod™ Engine: The only game with real-time, arbitrary geometry modification allowing for complete environmental destruction
  • Controllable vehicles
  • Location-based damage system: Realistic enemy damage
  • Advanced physics simulation: Supports falling geometry, particles and liquid
  • many more features
  • This game is currently available for PSX 2, and will release for PC in fall of 2001.
      Monday, Aug 13, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    StarTopia Patch 1.01
    - Posted 6:42 AM By Kagato
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    Mucky Foot has released the first patch for StarTopia, bringing their space station management game to version 1.01. This 5.8 MB download adds a handful of new features, such as more variety in win conditions, a timed mode in sandbox and multiplayer, a screenshot capture function and, of course, "Aliens getting drunk in bars!!!" while a number of bugs have also been squashed, all of which are listed here.
    Quake : The Movie
    - Posted 6:49 AM By Kagato
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    The Tritin Films website now offers the release of Quake: The Movie, after its debut this weekend for the attendees of QuakeCon 2001. The movie, which has been deemed complete after reaching 15 minutes in length, has been titled "Escape From The Bastille," and while it did not reach the scope they had planned, they decided if unchecked, the project could take another couple of years to complete, "but at the 15 minute mark, the film is glorious, understandable, and is a stand-alone for it's own story. We feel it will have the same impact as we had planned the original to have."
    Creative Labs' SB Audigy
    - Posted 5:22 PM By Kagato
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    Creative Labs has released the specs for their Audigy chip, or as they call it "Audigy Audio Processor Powers EAX Advanced HD" (say that five times fast).Here's the info:
    Journey into the new and exciting world of the Audigy™ processor. Packed with 4x more power than any existing audio processor, the Audigy processor enables EAX ADVANCED HD™ to deliver a host of innovative, high-definition audio effects with next-generation interactive 3D audio for gaming and sophisticated effects for music.

  • The Audigy processor is the first DSP to be released that is capable of delivering 4x more effects processing power than any current audio processor and EAX ADVANCED HD™.
  • EAX ADVANCED HD™ offers dramatically increased 3D audio performance and functionality for games, along with superior audio fidelity and powerful music enhancement technologies, for an unsurpassed digital entertainment experience.
  • The high performance sound engine is optimized for complex digital audio signal mixing and processing for next-generation interactive 3D audio for gaming and sophisticated effects for music.
  • Includes the power to process more complex audio algorithms, rendering higher fidelity effects and reverbs.
  • I personally would prefer continued support of the Live! cards, now that they pretty much rule the market, what's the point in innovation?
      Tuesday, Aug 14, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    ATI's Radeon 8500 - GeForce 3 Killer?
    - Posted 7:00 AM By Kagato
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    Both AnandTech and Tomshardware have taken looks at ATI's newly announced Radeon 8500, the $399 gaming solution that is supposed to be 33% faster than the GeForce 3. Here's a snip:
    ...the Radeon 8500 has a lot of potential. As usual, that potential is contingent on solid drivers which ATI has not been famous for in the past but they have been improving over time. There is no doubt that the Radeon 8500's architecture and technology is sufficient to allow it to become a GeForce3 killer, however whether or not its drivers will allow it to is another question.

    With features like TRUFORM and SMOOTHVISION that can offer tangible improvements today (or in the very near future), the Radeon 8500 could be the better choice of the two when it's released in September. The only prohibitive factors would be the price which at $399 will be a tough buy for many and the drivers which will hopefully, for ATI's sake, improve significantly by the time the Radeon 8500 hits the streets.
    And what would new technology be without a developers input? Here's what Tim Sweeney (man behind Epic's Unreal engine) has to say (thanks Voodoo Extreme):
    The DirectX8.1 features are welcome, and something that developers who are already taking advantage of GeForce3 can easily take advantage of. TrueForm is probably a waste of time that developers won't bother supporting. I don't have a card yet, so I can't confirm the performance claims, but I expect it should be at least pretty good and potentially great, given ATI's track record in the past couple years.
    Hmmm, both sides noting that drivers will be critical for this, I hope ATi is up to the task, NVidia needs some good competition.
    Detonator 4 Driver Preview
    - Posted 7:05 AM By Kagato
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    Not to be left behind, NVidia has announced that their Detonator 4 series of drivers will be released sometime this week, reporting there will be a increase in performance with them. AnandTech has posted a review of the new drivers as well as a performance benchmark to show you just what you're getting. Here's a snip:
    There’s not much to say here other than “Thanks NVIDIA” for the updated drivers. Although the main recipients of the performance increase will be GeForce3 owners (as they very well should be for paying so much for their cards), GeForce2 GTS/Pro/Ultra and MX/200/400 owners will get a small boost as well. You can’t really complain about free performance.
    It's also being rumored that the GeForce3 Ultra will be announced this week (hmmm, GeForce3's still sell for $399, this puppy will probably be $499+).
    Source: AnandTech
    Combat Q3 Arena
    - Posted 7:12 AM By Kagato
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    Want a mod that puts you behind the wheel of a tank in overhead view? Then Combat Quake III Arena v1.0 is for you. With the download you'll get 10 deathmatch maps, a capture the flag terrain map, 16 tank/skin combinations, and bot support, all within a 16MB file. It's been mirrored to FilePlanet and be downloaded here.

      Wednesday, Aug 15, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Twinking in Dark Age Of Camelot
    - Posted 6:32 AM By Kagato
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    Those familiar with online games as EverQuest or Diablo II know the term "twink" quite well. For those who don't know, a twink is a newbie character (in level) decked out with unheard of equipment (ie they have a high level character dumping sweet stuff on new guy). Well, Camelot Vault posted some developer quotes on the matter (Dark Age of Camelot is an upcoming MMORPG from Mythic), here's their take:
    on twinking: I do understand how twinking affects people in other games. Some people level up faster, and then the high level game is choked to death before someone playing the game with level appropriate items has a chance to catch up. But I say again: IT DOES NOT MATTER HERE. The high level equipment on a low level will just be a WASTE OF MONEY. It will not provide ANY BENEFIT. The players wearing twink gear will not level ANY FASTER due to wearing spiffed gear. If they level faster, it will be because of the hours they play and how well they know the game, NOT THE TWINKING.

    I wish I could talk about storage solutions, some of you will be made happy.

    Clarification: the "this doesn't belong to you" feature has nothing to do with twinking, or my personal philosophy of "it doesn't affect you so don't sweat it." It's just to prevent theft and user frustration when you screw up and drop something.
    Hmmm, I'm curious how this works, possibly a value setting on equipment that requires a certain level before attributes take effect? Either way, this ain't your fathers EverQuest.
    Elemental Saga Update
    - Posted 6:40 AM By Kagato
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    The sci-fi/fantasy hybrid MMORPG Elemental Saga will be upgraded this morning to version 3.01. This latest update adds quite a few gameplay elements. Here's the info:
  • Resource gathering feature added, including the ability to earn wealth and experience
  • Improved game client performance
  • Enhanced character creation screen
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Unlike a large portion of current online games based on the FPS perspective, this one is more like Diablo II. Sound like fun? You can head over and download the beta game client and play for free.
    IBM's Super Computer
    - Posted 6:49 AM By Kagato
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    So you want enough computer power to run the next Quake/Doom/Wolfenstein (whichever comes first) at more than 30fps? You're in luck, because IBM has the new computer for you. Thought your current rig is pretty swank with dual Xeon's or Athlons? Check this out:
    On August 15, National Nuclear Security Administration head John A. Gordon will join Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and IBM management to dedicate the IBM ASCI White supercomputer, which uses 8,192 processors to perform 12.3 trillion operations per second.
    Hmmm, I imagine there wouldn't be any support for this kind of setup under Win2K or XP - Hello *NIX.
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    Red Faction Multiplayer Test
    - Posted 1:24 AM By WaRMaN
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    The Red Faction team has released the "multiplayer test" for, as the name says, testing. The 44Mb download includes 2 16 player maps for deathmatch, and a 16 player map for capture the flag. When I connected, there were plenty of servers to choose from, and plenty of players too.

    The Geo-Mod™ technolgy adds alot to the game. Normally players would know the map and have distinct routes, but now you can blow a hole in the wall/floor and create your own route! Although the test is not full featured, there is plenty of carnage to keep you playing.

    Desert Crisis Interview
    - Posted 7:06 AM By Kagato
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    PC Shooter has posted an interview with the Desert Crisis team, a rather cool looking upcoming mod for Half-Life. Here's the info
    The mod also features a character selection system similar to old-school paper RPGs. You choose your body-type, weapons, and perks (such as extra adrenaline, night-vision and so on). This way, your character is a reflection of your playing style. Also, not only can you customize how your character is equipped, but how he LOOKS as well. DC features a unique character customization system wherein you can pick skin color, accessories (hats, hair, glasses, etc.). There are literally THOUSANDS of possible combinations. This mod will be one of the first games where u can recognize someone by how they look, not just the name at the bottom of the screen.
    You can visit the Teams' homepage here.
    Source: PC Shooter
    Aftermath Of The Dynamix Killing
    - Posted 7:18 AM By Kagato
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    Tribal War has uncovered some post-closure details about Dynamix (who stays, who goes, what's next) and it seems that former SWAT producer Rob Fung is now in charge of the Tribes universe, and other SWAT guys are coming in to support the game. Here's more dirt from an anon ex-Dynamix source:
  • Nine devs have stayed on to continue work on the latest patch. While they do get a severance package as mentioned before, they are required to finish this patch to Sierra's satisfaction. According to the source this limits their ability to move on to other projects until possibly October.
  • The new producer for Tribes 2 is Rob Fung. He is also the producer for SWAT and was previously the producer for the Police Quest line of games.
  • The new Tribes 2 dev team will include members of the SWAT team as well as those from Johnny Drama and other lines. Sierra is trying to recruit current Tribes 2 dev team members into the new T2 Dev team; it looks like at least three of the current Tribes 2 dev team members are interested in joining up.
  • Dave Georgeson was one of the members not allowed to return to the building after it was locked & closed.
  • I find it amusing that the folks still working have to "finish this patch to Sierra's satisfaction". Uh, I thought Sierra was the one that forced it out the door knowing there were quite a few graphic bugs left to hammer out (OpenGL support, etc.) in the first place. Anybody wanna buy a copy of Tribes2 REAL cheap?
    Surround Light?
    - Posted 7:22 AM By Kagato
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    OK, you understand the principles of Surround Sound, but how about Surround Light? PC.IGN has the story on this new product. Here's a snip:
    We also used virtual lights to control the lights in the room around you -- if blue photon torpedo shoots by on right, lights on right side of the room will glow blue. We also used it for a few special effects -- in a red alert, the whole room glows red, when you combine that with the lights, it's really breathtaking.
    What I wanna know is can I rig it all up to my case and really trick 'er out?
      Friday, Aug 17, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Dungeon Siege Delayed
    - Posted 6:32 AM By Kagato
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    Bah! Microsoft and Gas Powered Games have announced that they will not release Dungeon Siege until sometime in 2002.
    August 16, 2001 – Redmond, WA -- Microsoft and Gas Powered Games have made the careful decision not to release Dungeon Siege in the fall of 2001. Both companies remain extremely excited about the game and are committed to completing the title and bringing the highly anticipated game to store shelves in 2002.

    “Our decision to delay the release of Dungeon Siege is one of the toughest we’ve had to make, but we firmly believe that this is the right choice given that one of the most critical steps in creating an RPG is the tuning and balancing stage,” said Chris Taylor, Lead Designer, Gas Powered Games. “We’ve made a promise to build a game that delivers an over-the-top experience, and we’ll do whatever it takes to deliver on that promise.”

    This new development schedule will deliver the high-quality RPG game that fans demand and expect from Microsoft and Gas Powered Games.
    NVMax 3.00.23Beta Released
    - Posted 6:36 AM By Kagato
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    A new version of the popular nVidia tweak utility, NVMax has been released bringing it to ver 3.00.23 Beta. Here's the new stuff since version 3.00.22:
  • Everything going to plan this will be the last beta release.
  • There are no known problems apart from display/refresh rate is disabled on 9x/ME.
  • In this version overclocking on cards: Ali TNT2, m64, Vanta and Crush has been fixed and some problems with color control has been fixed on 2000/XP.
  • If you're into giving your video card a little extra push, you owe it to yourself to download NVMax today.
    Alternate Fire - Quake3 Update
    - Posted 6:46 AM By Kagato
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    In the new version of Alternate Fire for Quake III you'll get a new twist along with a needed bug fix. The bug was with the "lightning webs" and that's been fixed as well as the addition of Exploding Ammo Boxes! here's how the new feature works:
  • Ammo boxes all have 110 "health." As soon as this "health" reaches or drops below zero, the box explodes.
  • You may damage an ammo box in any way that you like. Rail it if you need to.
  • Machinegun, shotgun, and rail gun ammunition do up to 75 damage upon the initial explosion. After that, projectiles fire in all directions. They hurt.
  • Lightning gun ammo does up to 75 damage immediately and then creates a 1/2 second electric field that incrementally damages anyone around as well as drawing them in towards the center of it. The closer they get, the more it hurts. I've seen 280 damage altogether from one of these.
  • All other ammunition (grenades, rockets, plasma, BFG plasma) simply blow up in a big way.
  • BFG ammunition can do 300 damage, all the rest do 200.
  • The grenade explosion has a larger radius of damage than the others.
  • Head over today an pick up Alternate Fire 1.0 Beta 3.
      Saturday, Aug 18, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Unreal II Interview
    - Posted 7:33 AM By Kagato
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    The guys at Action Vault have posted up a newUnreal II interview, talking a bit with Legend Entertainment Designer/Producer on the upcoming Unreal II. Here's a snip:
    Action Vault: Have system requirements and recommendations been determined at this point?

    Mike Verdu: We're currently developing towards a PIII-500 with any hardware accelerator card that supports T&L (e.g. GeForce I, 2, 3, ATI Radeon, etc.). The game will look fantastic on a high end system, but should be playable on a good mid-range machine. We are still evaluating how to support lower end systems with TNT2 and Voodoo3/4 class cards... Infogrames will make a final determination later this year
    Of course screen captures are also included, most you have probably already seen floating around the 'net.
    Source: Action Vault
    Diablo II 1.09 Patch Coming
    - Posted 7:37 AM By Kagato
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    A post to the Diablo II General Discussion messageboard describes the when and what for the 1.09 update for Diablo II. Here's the info:
    All realms will be shut down at 9:00 A.M. PDT (UTC -8) on Monday, August 20th for approximately 2 hours. Diablo II v1.09 will be distributed to all the servers during this time.

    REMINDER: Diablo II v1.09 will fix the "dual wield" bug. Any characters exploiting this bug when Diablo II v1.09 goes live will lose one of the weapons involved.
    One exploit down, hundreds to go!
      Sunday, Aug 19, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Xbox Preordering - Sticker Shock
    - Posted 3:57 AM By Kagato
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    According to the LA Times, Microsoft is trying to encourage retailers to price-gouge consumers into pre-ordering the $299 system for upwards of $500 to $1200 for system + game bundles. Here's the bull:
    Consumers expecting to pay the $299 suggested retail price for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox video game console may be in for some sticker shock.

    Beginning next month, many retailers will be requiring customers to pay from $499 to as much as $1,200 to reserve an Xbox console that, like it or not, will come bundled with games, peripherals and warranties.

    The reason: Microsoft will provide additional marketing money to merchants that agree to include the software giant's games in their bundles. That's because Microsoft's games carry higher profit margins for the Redmond, Wash., company than those published by third-party companies such as Activision Inc. and Electronic Arts Inc. The plan is angering consumers.
    Glad I never had plans on buying one of these! For that much you could do some massive PC upgrading.
    Fix Those Max Payne Issues
    - Posted 4:03 AM By Kagato
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    Petri Järvilehto, Remedy's project leader, has posted a new Max Payne trouble-shooting message on the Max Payne boards. The post covers "98% of the reported problems" the game has to-date, so if you've been having odd issues playing this beautiful game, head over today and read up, chances are your issue may be resolvable.
      Monday, Aug 20, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Eidos Cleared In Columbine
    - Posted 6:41 AM By Kagato
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    Eidos has been cleared as a defendant in the Columbine lawsuit where some parents are attempting to sue a number of game publishers (as they blame video games on the recent high-school shootout) for $5 billion dollars. Here's the scoop:
    The five billion dollar lawsuit against several of the largest game makers has taken yet another turn. Judge Lewis Babcock, a chief Colorado judge has ruled that Eidos is exempt from the lawsuit since Final Fantasy 7, which was published for the PC by Eidos and developed by Square, does not feature guns prominently within the context of the game.

    Families of the victims of the Columbine school shootings, blame in part the violent video games that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold played for the shooting death of 13 people in 1999.
    Games don't kill people, people kill people.
    Homeworld 2 Cancelled?
    - Posted 6:52 AM By Kagato
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    That's what Evil Avatar is reporting, as a source at Relic Entertainment has informed him that Sierra has cancelled the project, as part of the recent Sierra "Reorganization", which leaves them developing Sigma for Microsoft. It's not known at this time if MS will pick up the project or not, but reports seem to indicate that Relic axed the entire HW2 development team, but none of this has been confirmed yet. Time will tell, one things for sure, if I was a Sierra employee, I'd be updating my resume.
    Madden NFL 2002: Tuesday Release
    - Posted 10:58 PM By WaRMaN
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    EA Sports has announced that Tuesday (21 Aug 2001) will be the release date of Madden NFL 2002. Here is a quote from Executive Producer Steve Chiang:
    It's the complete package. It doesn't matter what platform you get, we have some cool stuff for you. On PSX and N64 we have Madden Classic, which allows you to re-live the 16-bit version of Madden. On PC we have the brand new PS2 engine, which brings all of the momentum-based physics, smooth animation and new gameplay of the PS2, while keeping all of the online features intact. On PS2/Xbox/NGC, we have the best-looking, most complete football product ever, and did I mention the cheerleader cards?
    This release for PC will be 3D rendering only (no software rendering). So, it should be more compatible than past versions. With improved Head-to-Head feature, this game should be the best PC NFL experience to date!
      Tuesday, Aug 21, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    New DivX 4.0 Codec
    - Posted 7:15 AM By Kagato
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    The first non-beta coded of the DivX 4.0 Codec has been released. Here's what's new:
  • Removed the last SSE instructions from the YUY2->YV12 MMX conversion function
  • Added sanity checks for log file contents
  • Fixed a problem where the DirectShow filter was not applying brightness/contrast/saturation settings when starting playback
  • Reverted the DirectShow filter overlay operation to 4.0 (beta 2) style due to reports about decreased performance on some computers
  • Fixed a few problems in 2-pass VBR (sorry guys!)
  • Fixed a memory leak at the highest post-processing levels
  • If you'd prefer the full install (includes coded, The Playa, and utilies) head on over here else if you just want the codec only, go here.
    Tribes 2 Renegades Beta
    - Posted 7:29 AM By Kagato
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    The first public beta of Renegades for TRIBES 2 is now available, bringing one of the most action packed madhouse mods created for the original Starsiege TRIBES to TRIBES 2. This is a server side mod, so you can check it out by joining one of the beta servers, but they also offer a Renegades client, which is a "bonus pack" that, while not required to play, is said to enhance the experience with a modified HUD and other Renegades-specific touches.
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    Tribes 2 Support
    - Posted 7:05 AM By Kagato
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    Alex "Marweas" Rodberg (Sierra) has posted update to the TribalWar forums with the latest happenings in the Tribes 2 scene. Here's the info:
    With all the changes going on around here lately, I'm a very busy weasel, but here's what's on the radar for me in the short term.

  • Patch is coming along nicely. Expect stabilization and refinement of things found in Beta 4. As I understand, we're keeping the speed from Beta 4, and many of the other improvements, but likely losing the SJ changes. One little thing can throw out the balance of the whole game and nobody wants to do that. There should be a beta 5 very soon (I mean any day now).

  • Playable demo will shortly follow the public release of the patch. There is no recording or playback functionality in the demo - it's just not designed for that

  • There's been a lot of discussion about the future of Tribes, and I've been approached with a movie script and a pitch for an animated series. I'll let you know if any of this pans out
  • I'm still curious why bother wasting time for the demo? Put that time/effort into patches =)
    Age of Empires 2 : Conquerors Patch
    - Posted 7:10 AM By Kagato
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    Ensemble has released a new Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors patch bringing it to version 1.0C, weighing in at about 4MB.
    Here's what's new:
    Note: Microsoft Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion 1.0C is an update of Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion 1.0. The installation of patch 1.0B is not necessary as this patch contains the same enhancements and bug fixes. Patch 1.0C also fixes mini map trainer issues with Age of Kings The Conquerors.

    Patch 1.0C will not install correctly if you have previous installed a WAREZ version of the game, the CD Hack or any trainers. You must delete and install the Conquerors for the patch to work correctly.

    Known Issues with Patch 1.0C - Readme file is from version 1.0B. (the Same install and de-install instructions from Patch 1.0B still apply).
    Hmmm, an update that doesn't like warez versions/hacks being installed.
    Diablo II v1.09 - Welcome to Level 1
    - Posted 7:14 AM By Kagato
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    Well, there's great news about a bug in the 1.09 Diablo II: Lord of Destruction patch which reverts realm characters back to level 1. There's an update on Battle.net about it that looks good, at least for those using USEast:
    The USEast realm is now online. There is a high degree of confidence that the Level 1 character issue will not affect characters on this realm. As this determination is made for the other realms, they will also be brought online. Be aware that there is the possibility that characters played on the USEast will in fact be returned to level 1.
    I'm just curious how in the HELL a bug like this goes live, do we not bother testing patches these days? It's no wonder the gaming companies are getting a bad name.
    QDoom Patch
    - Posted 7:22 AM By Kagato
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    Fanatic has released a patch for his very-recently released QDoom, which fixes "the issue with no MP3 music". Haven't the faintest what QDoom is about, besides being a cool port of a classic game? In his own words :
  • Quake's weapons
  • Quake's monsters (all but the Spawn)
  • Quake's pickup items
  • 20 original, high quality MP3's
  • high quality music also available as a CD you can purchase from me for $8 (click the music menu link for purchase info)
  • a huge texture WAD of Quake's textures (no DOOM textures will be used)
  • 12 levels total
  • DDF and RTS coded using the EDGE engines super powerful scripting languages
  • You can also see screenshots from the game, so be sure to check it out.
      Thursday, Aug 23, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    GameCube Delayed
    - Posted 7:40 AM By Kagato
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    Nintendo's GameCube system is not going to make the launch date, and has been pushed back a couple weeks, which means that its going to follow the Xbox launch later this fall. Here's the blurb:
    The Nintendo GameCube has been delayed until November 18th in North America, according to Nintendo's Spaceworld Press Kit. This shocking news comes after the system was announced for a November 5th release date. This places the GameCube about two weeks later than it's original release date as well as two weeks after the launch of Microsoft's Xbox console that hits streets on November 8th.

    Nintendo issued a press release after this announcement stating that there will be 700,000 units in stores on launch day with only Luigi's Mansion and Wave Race: Blue Storm being the two first-party titles for you to play at launch. Pikmin will follow a day later with Smash Bros and Eternal Darkness following in December.
    I suppose two weeks isn't that bad of a wait for those planning on owning this console.
    Windows XP Possibly Shipping Friday?
    - Posted 7:53 AM By Kagato
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    C|Net is reporting that Windows XP, Microsoft's newest OS, may be released as early as Friday (August 24), with the final code will be released via airdrop.
    In a stunt involving Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Group Vice President Jim Allchin, helicopters will circle the company's Redmond, Wash., headquarters as the pair hand off Windows XP to PC makers, said sources familiar with the event. The helicopters are expected to be decorated with Windows XP and major PC maker logos.
    And you thought it was pathetic that stores opened at midnight just to sell their software.
    Compaq iPAQ H3650
    - Posted 8:00 AM By Kagato
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    Palm? Handsprint? iPAQ? With todays technology comes plenty of choices in choosing a PDA/handhelp PC. Neoseeker has posted a review of the Compaq iPAQ H3650, one of Compaq's newest offerings to the handheld market. Here's a sneekpeak:
    Well first off I would have to say this is one sexy handheld. I personally love the look, very nice polished silver finish. I would say it pretty much looks like brushed metal but the casing is plastic. My first impressions of the size of the iPAQ was that it was of average size compared to other PDAs like the Palm IIIC and the Handspring Prism but then I found out that it was enclosed in a sleeve so I took that off and instantly the words sexy flashed in my mind.
    If Palm could only get a unit as sleek as Compaq's out on the market.
    Source: Neoseeker
    An Extra Day For Free
    - Posted 11:28 PM By BurnPilot
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    Just a reminder that for those of you tough enough, MwGL will be adding an extra day to our next event. Thats right, in addition to our normal Saturday/Sunday event we are letting you come in early. Everything will still be the same on Saturday including tournaments and meals, you can just come in at 8:00pm on Friday and get an extra 12 hours of gaming in for the same price as normal.

    If you can't make it on Friday however, don't worry because you can still check in at the normal times on Saturday and take part in all the gaming goodness (you just will be less likely to be able to play against me :) And remember all this will be of no extra cost to you, hope to see you there.
      Friday, Aug 24, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Empire Earth Preview
    - Posted 7:43 AM By Kagato
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    Well, you've still got a good two or three months until the expected release of Empire Earth, so what do you do in the meantime? Head on over to PC.IGN to read up on their preview of the game. Here's a snip:
    Graphically, Empire Earth is coming along swimmingly. Despite its 3D engine, the final camera will be fixed with the option to zoom (but not rotate). This was done for the sake of preserving gameplay and simplicity. The maps on which the action takes place range from itty bitty teeny-weeny all the way to "ah crap that's big." Designer over at Stainless Steal Jon Alenson told us, "Our gigantic map takes a standard unit twenty minutes or half an hour to walk across," twenty minutes, yikes. Thankfully the entire environment is made to be lively, featuring swaying trees, vibrant colors, and an assortment of fauna. Alenson: "One of our programmers is a real animal guy, so he designed it so that all of the animals in the game migrate to their favorite spots, whether it be on the hills, or near water. And, they all have babies that grow up into adults. There's about fifteen or twenty different kinds of animals."
    For those who love a great RTS based game, this one looks to be one to put on your must have list.
    Source: PC.IGN
    Zoo Tycoon Preview
    - Posted 7:49 AM By Kagato
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    Since I'm in a Preview posting rut, may as well let you know that GamersPulse has posted a preview of Zoo Tycoon being published by Microsoft. Here's a snip:
    Who can refuse cute and cuddly Pandas or majestic lions? Microsoft is betting not many and has rolled out Zoo Tycoon (ZT) for the world to see. Based on the success of Roller Coaster Tycoon (RTC) and loosely on the interface, ZT gives you the same freedom to build your own park or complete various scenarios. In Roller Coaster Tycoon, success was dependent on the happiness of the customers; Zoo Tycoon brings a twist to that thought, making the happiness of the animals the chief indicator of success. Happy, playful animals will attract crowds, breed more often and bring more money into your pocket books. Sad animals escape and eat your clientele.
    Hmmm, an entire park made up of sad animals would rule, sure nobody would eventually come to the park for fear of being maimed, but the initial bloodbath would be a scream.
    Source: GamersPulse
    LEGO Racers 2 Preview
    - Posted 7:55 AM By Kagato
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    Well, going for broke on the Preview posts today. Games Domain has posted up a preview of LEGO Racers 2. OK, so it's a game based on a kids toy, but it still looks pretty swank. Here's a snip:
    Lego Games claims the game we've been playing is 95% complete, and there's certainly a lot to explore. In story mode, you traverse five islands based on Lego play themes: Sandy Bay, Adventurers: Dino Island, Arctic, Life on Mars, and Xalax itself. Each race earns you a golden brick, which are used to gain access to the different islands. Easy, eh? And on top of that, each island has an area over which you can roam, to earn bonus bricks, and access to a secret area.
    Well, it's no Gran Turismo 3, but it still looks/sounds like it may be an enjoyable game. Shame you can slap some 18" tires on one of those puppies.
    Source: Games Domain
      Saturday, Aug 25, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    C&C : Renegade - Q&A With Jani Penttinen
    - Posted 10:34 AM By Kagato
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    Action Vault's got a Command & Conquer: Renegade Developer Q&A, a duscussion with Westwood's Lead 3D Engineer Jani Penttinen.
    Action Vault: What are some of the challenges you've had to face when translating the C&C universe from 2D to 3D? What sorts of benefits have resulted from this move?

    Jani Penttinen: The big difference in looking at a 2D image and placing the player into a 3D world is that once the player is able to explore the C&C universe he will want to try out all the vehicles and go inside buildings to see what's in there and how it all works. It has required a lot of design and also special features in the 3D engine, but I'm really happy with the result. This new view adds a lot to the C&C universe as even though the levels mainly feature elements from the universe that the player already knows, there is now an opportunity to learn much more about what's going on. If you want to know what happens to Tiberium for instance, you can go inside the refinery and find it out.
    I personally lost interest in the games after Command & Conquer, none of the sequels never seemed as fun as the original to me *laugh*.
    Source: Action Vault
    Battle.Net Expansion
    - Posted 10:37 AM By Kagato
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    Do you play your favorite Blizzard games online via Battle.Net? Then REJOICE, as they have announced an expansion on the US East Realm with the addition of several new servers, increasing Battle.net capacity by one third. According to Blizzard there are plans for further expansions later this summer, including plans to more than double the size of the European Realm.
    Dragon's Lair 3D
    - Posted 10:44 AM By Kagato
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    Ahhhh, the old days of arcade, when there was originality in games, not the same stuff hashed over and over again. Remember playing Dirk the Daring in the old Dragon's Lair? Well good news for fans of old school gaming, there's a project underway for a Dragon's Lair 3D! Head over to the site to see some new pics they've posted from the game.
    StarTopia Bloopers
    - Posted 10:48 AM By Kagato
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    Here's something you don't see often in the gaming marker, a StarTopia Blooper reel, posted on the Mucky Foot Productions website. It reveals some of the offbeat wackiness that occurred during a period about six months before StarTopia was finished "where it looked great but all of a sudden you would notice something that wasn't quite right." Looks like a new TV special "When PC Code goes Wild".
    Counter Strike Map Pack
    - Posted 1:41 PM By Krogue
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    I don't know if this is new or not, but my Gamespy daily email sent me to this link at File Planet for a 60-map Map Pack for Counter-Strike. Just wanted everyone to know this is out there.
    Counter-Stike Map Pack
    Source: GameSpy Daily Newsletter
      Tuesday, Aug 28, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Madden 2002
    - Posted 12:09 AM By WaRMaN
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    Madden 2002 is now on the shelves selling for an average of $39.99. This years take is the best work to date! It's key features are right on target for what this genre demands. The on-line play for PC is easy to use, and great for that head-to-head combat. It also supports on-line franchise, which allows you to join with other Madden players to build teams and play a fantasy season with your favorite draft picks.

    The graphics engine is stepped up a little better than last years port, and they obviosly addressed lag problems. In my opinion, this is not one to miss!

    Red Faction Friday!
    - Posted 12:28 AM By WaRMaN
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    All you Red Faction Multiplayer Test peeps, don't forget to check-in at the Red Faction website every Friday for updates. They promise fixes every Friday. The game is coming along real well, and is scheduled for an 18 Sep 2001 release date. Last updae included minor fixes, and a new CTF level. So keep your eyes open for Red Faction Friday!
    The Cold War Heats Up
    - Posted 2:14 PM By BurnPilot
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    For those of you slightly bummed that the release of Ghost Recon is so far away, here is something that might just tide you over. A little game called Operation Flashpoint is supposed to ship today and should start showing up in stores around the country in the next couple days. For those of you who haven't heard of this game, here's a quick explanation of the setting of the game directly from Codemasters website.
    Dateline: 1985 As President Ronald Reagan begins his second term in the White House a little-known politician, Mikhail Gorbachev, becomes leader of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev is a reformer who wants to create a new era of peace and co-operation with the Western world. He uses terms like "Glasnost" and "Perestroika" - modernist policies which involve a re-structuring of the Soviet state and a move away from the old tensions of the Cold War.

    Gorbachev's appointment causes immediate tensions itself. Many of the Communist 'old guard', from Generals to Regional Politicians, refuse to accept him and chaos ensues. After a few days the central government manages to control the situation and the country falls into an uneasy truce with itself. But in some outlying areas, often controlled by powerful men with their own agendas, the situation remains dangerously unclear and the Soviet Government loses any real sense of power.

    One such area is the Malden Islands group of Everon, a peaceful independent republic, Malden itself, another independent state which contains an important NATO strategic base, and Kolgujev, a Soviet outpost controlled by General Ivan Vasilii Guba - an old-school Communist general who firmly believes in the harshest of Cold War policies. Guba has set himself up as some kind of feudal warlord from his stronghold on Kolgujev and refuses to listen to any orders from Moscow. The island has become a staging post for his well-equipped modern army to attempt to control the surrounding area and then… who knows?

    Ok, that's the basic synopsis of the game, it's you vs the Evil Soviets, now for the features. In addition to having possibly the most realistic bullet physics I've seen, you can also commandeer a wide range of vehicles on the ground, from civilian cars to tanks, and in the air, ranging from a Cessna to the AH-64 Apache. I know I will definitely be playing this game at the upcoming event, but if you want more info, check out the Operation Flashpoint section of Codemasters website. Till then I look foward to meeting you on the field of battle....in my AH-64 APACHE!!!

    Source: Codemasters
    Unreal 2 Weapons
    - Posted 6:11 PM By Kagato
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    Unreality has posted a bit from Matt Frary, Infogrames's PR manager about the response from players wanting to ensure the ASMD and Flak Cannon are available in Unreal 2. Here's the word from his mouth:
    Unreal fans asked for it -- now they got it. Based on popular demand, the ASMD Shock Rifle and Flak Cannon have been integrated into Unreal 2. This brings the total number of weapons in the game to 17.
    I can already hear Q3 fans alike yelling "UT2 Sucks" in the background *sigh*.
    Empire Earth : Beta For The Beta
    - Posted 6:41 PM By Kagato
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    For those who got on the Beta Test for Empire Earth, Sierra has released the first patch, available here from their FTP. Weighing in at 7.9MB, this puts you up to ver include :
  • Multiplayer improvements
  • Fixes some graphics problems
  • Tweaks to the UI and AI
  • Updates to the gameplay and some balancing issues

    All of which should be listed in the included readme file (sorry, no direct link).
  •   Wednesday, Aug 29, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Diablo 2 & LoD Tweaker
    - Posted 2:52 PM By Kagato
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    This may be of interest to those of you into Diablo2 and the D2:LoD expansion. The Forge, a Diablo2 mod site, has posted a new utility called Diablo2 Accelerator. Here's the lowdown:
  • Reduce the load on hardware by tweaking in-game graphics
  • Ability to optimise cache and swap file
  • Work with some mods
  • Work with mods that us the "-direct -txt" option
  • Able to store configurations for different mods
  • Give 'er a try, sounds to be rather intersting.
    EverQuest : Stonebrunt Mountains
    - Posted 3:01 PM By Kagato
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    Verant has posted word of the introduction of a new zone, Stonebrunt Mountains. Here's the info, as listed in their press release:
    Located on the small continent of Odus, the Stonebrunt Mountains are rich with vegetation and distinctive hills that give way to the towering Mount Klaw; the largest mountain in Odus and home to the Kerran village of Kejeka. The zone of Stonebrunt is designed to be a mid-level, outdoor zone similar in scope and scale to the Lake of Ill Omen on Kunark, which has proven to be a very popular zone in EverQuest. "Stonebrunt marks the fifth free zone we've added to the world of Norrath," states Brad McQuaid, Vice President of Product Development, Sony Online Entertainment. "The commitment by our team to give EverQuest subscribers more uncharted territory to explore is strong and we're very excited to see new faces on the continent of Odus."
    Included in the link are 5 screenshots from the new zone. I could have used this last week when I was in that level range.
      Thursday, Aug 30, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Down Time!!!
    - Posted 10:59 PM By Squirre1
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    Sorry bout the down time guys but our ISPs BackBone provider lost a router....

    Everything should be back to normal now..

    DivX v4.01
    - Posted 11:12 PM By Kagato
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    Nothing much to say 'cept there's a new relese of the DivX 4 Codec, bringing it up to v4.01. Grab it if you need it, you know who your are.
    *UPDATE* Finally found what's new with this release, enjoy:
  • Fixed more problems with decoding 3.x
  • Incompatibility of codec with Vidomi encoder
  • Incorrect bitrate achieved during capture in '1-pass' mode
    with AVI_IO capture application
  • A few bugs in decoder implementation MPEG-2 inverse
    quantization ( not really used now, but necessary to claim that
    decoder is 100% compliant with MPEG-4 simple profile )
  • Slightly improved accuracy of RGB->YUV MMX/SSE conversions
  • Increased version number ( 4.0 -> 4.01 )
  • Some cleanup in help file, topic 'deinterlacing'
  • most important: hopefully fixed problem with some DivX 3.11
    clips fading to green between keyframes.
  • Word!
      Friday, Aug 31, 2001 Report News | Archive | Top  
    Counter-Strike 1108 Patch (1.3)
    - Posted 7:21 AM By Kagato
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    Valve is supposedly releasing a new patch next week, ver 1108, which will include the long awaited Counter-Strike 1.3! Here's what all the update adds/fixes:
  • Multicast spectator added
  • Voice communication added
  • Added server chat to logging
  • Redesigned multiplayer scoreboard
  • CapsLock key is now bindable
  • Switching to Spectator is now logged
  • Changed minimum value for "mp_chattime" to 1 second
  • Changed minimum value for "mp_buytime" to 0.25 (15 seconds)
  • Radio commands can be heard by nearby enemies

    Bug Fixes:
  • Bunny hopping removed
  • Fixed client-side shots not matching the server-side counterparts
  • Fixed banned.cfg problem with more than 1024 entries
  • Fixed screenshots overwriting each other
  • Buffer overflow exploit fixed
  • "condump", "cmdlist", and "cvarlist" only write out to the game directory
  • Fixed Spectator mode bug
  • Fixed hitbox issues
  • Fixed nightvision bug
  • Fixed "slot10" not working correctly
  • For more ont he multicast info and some screenshots, head over to Voodoo Extreme.
    Counter-Strike Sprite Pack
    - Posted 7:34 AM By Kagato
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    Looking to spruce up the never-changing look of Counter-Strike? Good because Games Fusion has released a new sprite replacement pack which replaces the existing sprites with some new ones, including:
  • Blood Decal
  • Bullet Hole's
  • C4 LED Replacement
  • Explosion Sprites
  • Full HUD Replacements
  • Muzzle Flash Sprites
  • Radar Sprite
  • Sniper Scope
  • Wall Puff Sprites
  • Rifle Scope
  • End of transmission.


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